More Resident Evil characters coming to Dead by Daylight, says leak

More Resident Evil characters coming to Dead by Daylight, says leak

According to leaks, a second Resident Evil crossover is in the works for Dead by Daylight Chapter 25, which Behavior Interactive has yet to reveal.

New leaks suggest dead by daylight Chapter 25 will revolve around a second resident Evil Cross. This alleged leak follows on the heels of another in which apparently legitimate-looking screenshots were revealed. dead by daylight sixth-anniversary content, which will apparently include Haddie Kaur as a new Survivor and a creature called The Dredge as the next Killer. Despite scheduling a sixth anniversary stream for May 17, developer Behavior Interactive has yet to confirm any of the above claims.

As many will remember, the dead by daylight Y resident Evil The marks have crossed before and on more than one occasion. The likes of Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Nemesis entered the haunted world of dead by daylight in May 2021 as a celebration of Resident Evil 25th anniversary. Notably, the celebration continued in October with the release of new skins for the three aforementioned characters. The two horror franchises teamed up once again over the festive season to create ugly Christmas sweaters inspired by resident Evil. It seems that Behavior Interactive and Capcom are not done doing business yet.


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According to the Reddit user the tricksterthe same leaker responsible for the recent Haddie Kaur and Dredge leaks has shared premature details about another upcoming dead by daylight to update. Chapter 25, which will be released after The Dredge’s supposed appearance in Chapter 24, will serve as a second crossover starring resident Evil characters. The latest unsubstantiated rumor claims that Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will join the new resident Evil Chapter as Survivors, with Albert Weaker on track to debut as Killer. Supposedly, players can expect Chapter 26 to introduce another created behavior dead by daylight Survivor and a Killer known simply as Knight.

Unlike the aforementioned sixth anniversary details, the rumors surrounding dead by daylight Chapter 25 does not include screenshots at the time of this writing. As such, the above information is not warranted by any measure. And since Behavior Interactive will first need to lift the lid on the content of Chapter 24, it could take some time for the supposed resident Evil escape to receive confirmation.

resident Evil count among the many dead by daylight branded crossovers that Behavior previously hosted in the game. In the past, the asymmetrical multiplayer title has invited horror icons like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and laughter Ghost Face to join in the fun. Other game properties like Silent Hill have similarly received HD content, with Cheryl Mason, Pyramid Head and James Sunderland entering the mix in recent years.

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dead by daylight is available on all platforms.

Source: The Cheater/Reddit

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