How Minecraft Update 1.19 Can Make Old Towns More Rewarding

How Minecraft Update 1.19 Can Make Old Towns More Rewarding

Minecraft’s Wild Update is fast approaching, but the inclusion of Ancient Cities and the dangers that lurk there show the need for better rewards.

MinecraftThe annual update cycle has given the game and community a limitless stream of content, but the dangerous and isolated Ancient Cities in the upcoming Wild Update could benefit from more rewarding loot. Every year, Mojang hosts an event called Minecraft Live where it showcases new and exciting developments about the future of Minecraft. Minecraft, typically giving previews of what’s to come next. In late 2020, Mojang showed off the first iterations of the Deep Dark and Warden biome, which were initially supposed to release with the Caves & Cliffs update. Last year, Ancient Cities were unveiled to serve as a companion structure to the Deep Dark biome, though the loot and rewards that were added to the Minecraft 1.19 snapshots so far have been relatively lackluster compared to dangerous MinecraftThe terrifying Warden is with his lasers and the biome as a whole can be.


Looking at other structures in Minecraft, like Woodland Mansions or Bastion Remnants, loot in Ancient Cities seems less rewarding and beneficial in comparison. Woodland Mansions has a chance to reward the player with a Totem of Undying, which will prevent them from dying and grant temporary buffs to stay alive. Bastion Remnants can reward the player with Netherite Scrap or Ancient Debris, along with a surplus of gold blocks, as the Piglins are obsessed with gold items. Ancient Cities can provide the player with three unique items that are exclusive to cities, though none of them are as beneficial or useful as the loot from the previous two structures.

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Inside chests that are scattered Minecraft‘s Ancient Cities, one can find a variety of items, ranging from coal to enchanted golden apples, including a new Minecraft item to guide players where they last died. New exclusive items that can be found include a new enchantment, echo shards, and disk shards. This new enchantment is called Swift Sneak, and it can be applied to meshes and allows the player to move significantly faster while crouched. Echo Shards, when combined with a compass, can be turned into a recovery compass, pointing the player in the direction they died. Finally, the disc fragments that are scattered throughout the cities can be pieced together to create a new music disc, which plays like a found footage tape from a previous explorer who perishes in the Old City. Considering how rare the Deep Dark biome is to find, the rewards for locating one could be much more advantageous if Mojang delved even deeper into the lore surrounding these mysterious ruins.

Minecraft ancient cities can lead to another dimension

The Deep Dark biome is vast and mysterious, and though MinecraftAncient Cities can be dilapidated and decrepit, at the center of them is a massive structure that is known as “The Monument”, and it resembles the shape of the Guardian’s head. Many players in Minecraft It has been suggested by the community that this monument is actually a portal to a sculk dimension and that it opened and brought the sculk growth to the overworld, along with Warden. This theory is actually backed up by the new music disc found in the Ancient Cities, as the recording ends with a booming power-up sound and a crystal-clear sound being activated, almost as if a portal to another dimension has opened. , similar to the nether. o The End. While Mojang hasn’t indicated that this will actually appear in the game, if he were to include this as a feature, it would be the first new dimension since Minecraft‘s reinvented End Cities and Islands in 2016.

By allowing players to cross over into a sculk dimension, Mojang could use this as an opportunity to further expand the Deep Dark lore and include many more features for players to use and discover. While adding a new dimension may not be an easy task, making it look similar to the Deep Dark biome might be the way to go, as biome-specific blocks like Sculk blocks have experience storage properties, so allowing players to be able to harvest experience points at a much easier rate. This new dimension would serve as a great incentive for players looking for an ancient city and could give Mojang a new feature that could be updated for years to come.

Ancient cities could introduce new equipment in Minecraft

when looking MinecraftAncient Cities, in addition to its impressive architecture, all of its unique elements follow a similar visual theme and fit in with the environment of sculk’s growth. Since none of the three new items help combat the Guardian, the introduction of a new gear class could incentivize players to delve deeper into this mysterious biome. Since the Warden has the souls of his victims trapped in his chest cavity, the introduction of various soul-related items could fit in with the theme of this new enemy and help the player stay alive while in his presence. . The defining characteristic that could separate these soul items from other tools and armor, aside from being stronger, could include an advantage that no other item in Minecraft has, that being theft of life.

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Because MinecraftThe terrifying new Warden deals a massive amount of damage, killing players in just one or two hits, and being able to steal his life could keep players alive long enough to kill him or escape. Lifesteal can come in a variety of different forms, such as a potion, an enchantment, or a perk with a cooldown period, similar to how a shield can’t be used for a few seconds after blocking something. While Mojang may intend for people to avoid the Guardian and use stealth to maneuver around Deep Dark, being able to create another semi-boss with the Guardian could act as an incentive, similar to the Wither, to acquire high-tier gear. and fight. for special loot. Since there are no other items or skills like this in Minecraftadding a lifesteal mechanic could be a great new addition to make Deep Dark more rewarding and MinecraftWarden’s terrifying mob is more manageable.

Minecraft has been listening to player feedback for years, organizing mob and biome votes during Minecraft Live, and tweaking new additions during its instant previews based on player data. Since the community has expressed dissatisfaction with the current loot table for Ancient Cities, Mojang will likely continue to work on it in the future and include more features and benefits for players who venture into their alien environment. Minecraft‘s Wild update will be released later this year and will be free for all players.

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