Fortnite should add a Thanos-like LTM starring Scarlet Witch

Fortnite should add a Thanos-like LTM starring Scarlet Witch

Fortnite continues to expand its roster of crossover skins, with some new Marvel outfits coming to the game. While it was great to see Moon Knight and Mr. Knight added alongside the debut of the memorable Disney+ series, Scarlet Witch has been stealing the show ever since she hit the item shop a few days ago.

However, while it’s great to see Scarlet Witch in Fortnite as a cosmetic item, it seems like more could be done with Wanda Maximoff. In particular, something like the Thanos LTM could be a great addition to the game. One of the funniest ways to promote a movie, this Avengers: Infinity War The link could serve as excellent inspiration for a similar mode that allows players to take control of the terrifying Scarlet Witch.


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How Scarlet Witch LTM could work

The Saw Infinity Gauntlet LTM Fortnite Players search for the powerful item, and the first player to find it becomes the Mad Titan Thanos. As Thanos, the player had many special abilities, including a powerful punch, super jump, and energy blast. He also took a lot more damage, making him a terrifying sight that multiple players had to focus on to take down.

This mode would be a great role model for the Scarlet Witch LTM, as players need to find an item, perhaps a photo of Wanda’s children, in order to become the Scarlet Witch. Having only one player in the match who is Scarlet Witch could make the LTM more memorable, and would allow Epic Games to give her a variety of reality-warping abilities that make her more menacing.

In addition to the ability to fly, Scarlet Witch could be given some telekinesis abilities that allow her to throw everything from cars to trees at other players. Her reality warping powers could force Fortnite players to reload, allowing him to get in close and unleash some devastating melee attacks. He could also replace ranged weapons with grenades or melee weapons, ruining his victims’ inventories and making it difficult for them to defend themselves. Like Thanos, he could have a ranged energy blast, launching Chaos Magic at enemies.

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness leans heavily towards horror with the Scarlet Witch cutscenes, something an LTM could strive to replicate. Giving the mode some hide-and-seek mechanics where players need to hide in portable toilets or dumpsters could be fun, especially if Wanda has a way to spot nearby enemies. While it’s important to make sure she can be defeated as Thanos, it would be crucial to make sure her power is on full display.

A final touch could give players a chance to become Doctor Strange if they complete a certain task within the LTM, giving them a fighting chance and making for a magic-focused final showdown. Doctor Strange could have his own abilities, with Epic Games pulling directly from his moveset in the comics and movies to ensure he plays differently than Wanda. With both Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch assets already in the game, crafting some abilities and rules would be all that would be needed to make this LTM a reality. Obviously, there is nothing to suggest that such a way will happen. Still, since Thanos’ LTM is so iconic, it would be fun to see another Marvel-themed mode that offers a similar experience.

Fortnite It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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