The Expendables Needs To Release Female Action Icons (Now It’s Ridiculous)

The Expendables Needs To Release Female Action Icons (Now It’s Ridiculous)

The Expendables is famous for casting action movie legends from multiple eras, but after four movies, it has to start casting some female icons as well.

The next supply expendable items the movie needs to correct its biggest oversight and finally start adding female action icons to the series. After successfully reviving franchises like Rocky Y Rambo In the late 2000s, Sylvester Stallone created a new series for himself with the Expendables. Stallone starred in, wrote and directed the 2010 original, in which he played mercenary team leader Barney Ross. The movie’s big selling point is that he teamed him up with other action movie legends, including Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. The film did not receive good reviews, but its success spawned a franchise.


Later supply expendable items the movies added more genre heavyweights like Wesley Snipes, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins and many more. Stallone’s movie franchise was meant to fill a void for viewers who wanted R-rated action movies in the same vein as the ’80s or ’90s, but the mercenaries 3 The attempt to appeal to a PG-13 market disappointed both new and returning audiences. The third entry was also a box office disappointment, so it took a while for the series to come back with the next consumables 4.

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the mercenaries 4 seems to be going back on the series formula by not focusing on casting actors primarily known for action, with the likes of Megan Fox and Andy Garcia joining in lead roles; That said, Tony Jaa and the raid Iko Uwais are also part of the sequel. Assuming there is another supply expendable items movie after the fourth entry, the franchise also needs to finally release some female action icons. Over the years, names like Sigourney Weaver and Milla Jovovich, who played Alice in resident Evil – have been linked to parts of the series, which ultimately did not happen. There was once talk of a female spin-off called The Expendabelles Also, that he had names like Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, and even Meryl Streep attached.

michelle rodriguez resident evil retribution

The Expendabelles seems to have been quietly canceled as little has been heard about it since 2014. The development of the latest film could be one of the reasons the main entries didn’t add female action stars as they wanted an all-star team to compete with. Stallone. integers. However, across four movies, the lack of fan-favorite names like Michelle Yeoh, Zoe Saldana, Uma Thurman, Michelle Rodriguez, and countless others who are a part of the series feels weird at best and ridiculous at best. worse.

Previous supply expendable items The films have featured female team members played by Yu Nan and Ronda Rousey, while Megan Fox’s character, who has also done several horror movies, appears to be joining the group for the fourth entry. However, the series can and should be better, and adding some iconic female characters could change the dynamic of the series, which felt stale after the third movie. There’s no shortage of great actors to choose from, be it Katee Sackhoff, Maggie Q or Cynthia Rothrock, so consumables 5 you need to finally break this weird partition.

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