Resident Evil and Dino Crisis walked two completely different paths

Resident Evil and Dino Crisis walked two completely different paths

resident Evil is one of Capcom’s star series and one of the most influential horror franchises in the industry. It set the stage for what would become survival horror for at least a decade, and even when resident Evil took different approaches, many of his experiments with third-person action and first-person horror were successful. His huge list of spin-offs and side stories was less successful, but a franchise this big can hit some snags. While they take different approaches to horror, resident Evil stands next to Konami Silent Hill as a franchise that defines the genre.


The classic resident Evil the games inspired many imitators on PS1 and PS2, and even Capcom’s own franchises shaped the success of the initial games. Onimusha it was a version focused on close combat resident EvilSet camera angles and tank controls. Devil can cry was famous a prototype for Resident Evil 4, and some nuances of that show in its mansion setting and powerful weapons. However, Capcom made another franchise almost identical to resident Evilonly with a different type of enemy: dinosaur crisis It started as resident Evil with dinosaurs instead of zombies, but RE diverged from dinosaur crisis faster than most fans realize.

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Dino Crisis soon became its own franchise

First dinosaur crisis released on PlayStation 1 in 1999, and was cut from the same cloth as resident Evil. That’s appropriate considering it was done by many resident EvilThe original staff of , developed at the same time as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Both games took more action-heavy approaches to Resident Evil’formula s, with RE3 introducing a dodge button and a persistent, evolving pursuer; Y dinosaur crisis developing “horror panic” through faster and smarter enemies. It was an interesting time for horror, but Capcom’s sister franchises would carry on in different ways.

resident Evil put the brakes on its sequels numbered up to 2005, content to launch a variety of spin-offs, side games, and even the first RE redo while prototyping for 4 They developed in the background. dinosaur crisis had no such baggage, and went straight to dinosaur crisis 2 in 2000. This was not the same dinosaur crisis, Nevertheless; the horror genre had been mostly abandoned in favor of action. Combos, counter attacks, and avoiding damage all contributed to the tally of points that could be traded for items, weapons, and upgrades at save points. There is also a new protagonist, Dylan, who offers different gameplay than the series’ iconic protagonist, Regina. This sudden switch to arcade action was a surprising move, but not an unpleasant one. resident Evil it would strive to maintain some of its ideas through recurring secondary modes.

Resident Evil remained a star, Dino Crisis didn’t get very far

Unfortunately, dinosaur crisis didn’t live long enough to see the release of Resident Evil 4. Later twoa light pistol shooter in the gun survivor called series dino stalker released in 2002, and Dino Crisis: Dungeon in Chaos came to phones in 2003. Later that year, dinosaur crisis 3 released as an Xbox exclusive, and was received poorly enough that the franchise went into stasis. The game tried to promote DC2The campy arcade action of , but its space station setting, new main characters, and poor camera alienated fans. What resident Evil continued to release new titles and receive star treatment in crossovers, dinosaur crisis was left in the dark.

It is telling that the recently revealed exoprimal, despite containing a Regina lookalike and a futuristic dinosaur meltdown, is a brand new IP. It may be that a revival project has strayed too far from what Capcom felt comfortable calling dinosaur crisis, but this still indicates that the name does not have much power today. In the meantime, resident Evil have the R.E. village DLC, a redesigned Countercurrent-gen updates for various titles and several more rumored projects like RE4 remake. dinosaur crisis Y resident Evil have gone down two very different paths, and will probably stay that way until dinosaur crisis can really make a return.

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