Fortnite could feature a Fall Guys collaboration in 2022

Fortnite could feature a Fall Guys collaboration in 2022

News of the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration has started to break the internet ever since it was leaked. Two completely different Battle Royale games could come together to give players a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It looks like Fall Guys will also be following in Rocket League’s footsteps for this collaboration.

Fall Guys was once the most popular game on Twitch. Almost all content creators were eager to stream the game and have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, players soon got bored and didn’t want to pay for a game that didn’t have much to offer.

Things may improve if the game releases with the leaked Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration. This is great news for fans of both games as they are in for some interesting events and free cosmetics.

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Everything we know about the Fortnite Fall Guys collaboration

A year ago, Fall Guys planned to introduce several skins and dog tags inspired by Epic Games’ battle royale title. Unfortunately, the developers failed to fix those leaks. However, Fall Guys needs a lifeline now, and Epic Games is ready to throw one your way.

Popular data miner iFireMonkey recently found a couple of test websites similar to the Naruto challenges. The websites are dedicated to the supposed Fall Guys collaboration, meaning players may have to complete in-game challenges to earn free rewards.

I previously mentioned on my personal account that Epic was working on two new Fall Guys URLs that redirect to the Fortnite website. I have an update to share! Looks like we’re going to have a Fall Guys x Fortnite test event in the future as the URLs get updated!…

Similar to the Llama Rama challenges for Rocket League, the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration is expected to have events in both games. Players should be able to redeem free cosmetic rewards in both games after completing these challenges.

Also, if we remember previous leaks from almost a year ago, this is what Epic originally planned for a Fall Guys collaboration! Play so it makes sense for the collaboration to start soon!

Can Fortnite help revive Fall Guys?

It’s clear that Fall Guys is hoping to make a comeback with the help of Epic Games. While being free would help broaden the player base, it still needs a major content overhaul to remain popular even after being free. Also, having your own skin in Epic’s popular Battle Royale game will make the game even more recognizable.

According @FNLeaksAndInfo Mediatonic also recently added support for cross-game item grants similar to Rocket League, where you can do a challenge in Fall Guys and get a reward in both Fall Guys and Fortnite.

Epic Games’ push will also help Fall Guys expand to consoles, and the cross-platform environment will attract more players. Both parties seem to have it all planned out, and given the success of the Llama Rama event, it looks like Fall Guys could get a big boost from the collaboration.

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