Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

With so many Minecraft Bedrock servers, it’s hard to decide which one to go for first. Joining each one and having to log in and out before finding the one you’re looking for can be a bit tedious. For those of you who have this specific edition, we can help you in your search by providing a list of six of the best minecraft bedrock servers.


Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Minecraft server: mineville

The city of Mineville is a family community where the opinion of the players is important. There is a lot to do on this server, including modes like High School, Dungeon, and Prison. In the high school game, there are options to join a club, attend classes, and explore on field trips; while Dungeon mode offers players the opportunity to level up by defeating special bosses in various types of biomes.

There is a purchasing system that uses City Dollars to purchase exclusive items and weapons. A Mineville store is also available to get special passes for each mode.


Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Nether game server game

Nether Games is one of the largest Bedrock servers that many players join continuously. A variety of games are featured on this network, as well as a level system to reward players with companion pets and chat colors.

The famous Bed Wars can be played in Nether Games, a game in which you have to protect one thing: your bed. Another playable mode is Duels where you fight to push your enemy off a platform. These two games are just a part of the extended list, join this server to discover all the fun experiences it has to offer.


Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

hive minigames

The Hive is an extremely popular network that hosts classic and unique Minecraft gameplay. Modes like Hunger Games Survival style and Hide and Seek are incredibly fun to play with the community. You can chat with other players by joining the social Hive Hub, which provides exploration, secrets, and seasonal events.

Special Minecraft skins created by Hive can be purchased, designs such as Axolotls, Neon School Teens and Pajama Party can be purchased. Packs can also be obtained to complete certain quests and explore different regions.

cube craft

Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

CubeCraft game mode

CubeCraft has more than ten thousand players almost every day where you can explore the extraordinary halls, play games and fight in SkyWars. When venturing into its many Minecraft builds, players can parkour through challenges and rank up. Lucky Islands is also another place to explore to unlock rewards and try your luck breaking blocks to see what you get.

The SkyWars phenomenon, a game where you fight on floating islands, has been updated with exclusive items, kits, and weekly maps. There are plenty of opportunities for PvP within this mode, and you can choose from duo, mega, mayhem, and even solo for those who just want to give it a try. Check out this server to discover all the exciting events to play and collect special content that is only available there.

Grand Theft MCPE

Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Grand Theft Auto Minecraft Server Gameplay

Do you like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft? Well, here is the perfect server for you as you adventure through the city of Los Vamos. You can play as a criminal where you can rank up or play life as a policeman and maintain law and order. In the style of Grand Theft Auto, the city has stores to buy weapons and properties that you can design and call your own.

Whichever way you want to play, the path of evil or justice, there is plenty to do on this server, such as increasing the number of members in a gang or catching a serial killer. Minecraft has never been done like this before, so it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on.


Top 6 Minecraft Bedrock Servers

Mineplex server gameplay

Get your creative juices flowing on Mineplex, a server that has both mini-games and longer-form games. In Creative Housing mode, you can put your design skills to the test and show off your builds to other players.

For Minecraft lovers who enjoy competitive building, there is the Master Build option that lets you battle others to see who can create the best build, and there are also Speed ​​Builders where you can create anything you want in the limited time you have. do you have.

In addition to these gameplay options, there are also team games like Mob Arena, which has rounds of mobs to fight and a Cake Wars game, similar to Bed Wars, where instead of a bed, you protect a cake with your team. . A new City Hub has also been updated which gives players a treasure hunt, if you find them all you can win a prize.

Minecraft is still the best selling game of all time due to all the updates, servers like this, and other new content over the years. Using all of these networks is how Mojang Studios has a strong foundation among gamers and developers.

We are sure that these six best minecraft bedrock servers they will entertain you For more information, check out the relevant links below, and as always, look out for plenty of Minecraft guides, features, and news on Twinfinite in the future.

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