Ph1LzA discovers a possible new dimension in Minecraft

Ph1LzA discovers a possible new dimension in Minecraft

Popular streamer Phillip “Ph1LzA” Watson, known primarily for his Minecraft content, discovered that an upcoming disc could hint at the addition of a new realm to the game at some point in the future while testing the latest Minecraft snapshot. The disc, which will be officially introduced in the 1.19 Wild update, features a series of ominous sound effects instead of music.

The Minecraft The 22W16A version snapshot introduced a new music disc that players can only collect in survival mode by obtaining nine disc fragments found in chests around the ancient city biome. As usual, players who don’t stick to survival mode can still use creative mode to get the disc instantly.

Ph1LzA previously discovered what could be Minecraft lore hidden deep within the ancient cities, but the new addition to this music disc could provide an explanation for the giant portal-like structure that sits at the center of each ancient city biome that has left players confused.

Screenshot via Mojang

The music disc, which is officially titled “five”, features sound effects that only exist in the ancient city biome, including various sculk and Warden blocks. A breakdown of the sounds that are played throughout the duration of the track is as follows:

  • The disc starts with static followed by a warping noise.
  • The track goes silent for a moment, followed by the sound of lighting and fire from flint and steel.
  • The chirp of a bat is played along with the sound of walking.
  • The running sound increases in volume and begins to sound heavier before suddenly stopping.
  • Breathing sounds follow immediately after the previous steps and a loud roar is produced.
  • The roar is replaced by calm, soft music that doesn’t last long.
  • The sound of footsteps resurfaces accompanied by the bubbling of lava and a sparkling sound, potentially that of amethyst.
Screenshot via Mojang
  • A warping noise is played, similar to a portal.
  • Along with the warping noise, a sculk shriek is activated.
  • A human-like coughing noise is played, and a series of loud, intense noises, such as those of stone and sand, sound in unison.
  • Another warp noise is played, followed by silence.
  • An intense heartbeat sound is played, followed by static.
  • The sound of the deep slate block is heard, along with a series of unknown noises.
  • A multitude of loud warping sounds play at the same time and build up before ceasing altogether.
  • The sound of footsteps rises again and a sculk sensor clicks.
  • A Guardian screeches, its roar growing in intensity before distorting and ending.

“Honestly, it points to a dimension,” said Ph1LzA after listening to the album. “It has to be. It really has to be.”

Because the “five” music disc can only be found by obtaining nine disc fragments within the ancient city biome and many of the sounds on the track are exclusive to the next biome, the disc seems to tell a story, hint at tradition and provide vision of the possible future Minecraft updates

“I’m just separating key things,” the streamer continued. “Old Town confirmed on record, like, we heard it. Portal placement or portal ping, as if activated or as if a space is filled. The sculk sensor kicks in, the soul sand, which we know is in the middle around where that portal-like thing is.

Screenshot via Mojang

The sounds on the record also sound almost exactly like a portal being activated. Because so many things are happening at once while the disc is playing, it’s impossible to say for sure, but the specific sounds unique only to the ancient city biome, combined with the suspicious portal-like structure located in the middle of the cities ancient, they seem to be massive hints for what is to come.

“It’s such a clear indication that there has to be something more to do with ancient cities,” said Ph1LzA. “Why else would you put so much effort into making this place so dangerous and not give yourself a big reward?”

“The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. The Guardian must be protecting something,” the streamer concluded. “What, is he guarding a treasure? No, he’s guarding a portal. He is guarding a gatehouse. He makes a lot of sense. Why else make it so strong too?

Ph1LzA streamed his entire exploration of the latest Minecraft Snapshots live on his Twitch channel. He also uploaded a condensed version of the broadcast on his YouTube channel.

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