Hot Topic of the Weekend: Favorite Weapon in a Video Game

Hot Topic of the Weekend: Favorite Weapon in a Video Game

Resident Evil 4 key art

Resident Evil 4: Getting the best weapon takes some time (photo: Capcom)

Readers discuss the most fun weapons to use in games, from a simple bow and arrow to Turok’s iconic brain drill.

This weekend’s inbox topic was suggested by reader Malam and covered everything from a weapon in a first-person shooter to a favorite sword in an RPG.

Many classics were mentioned, such as Destiny, GoldenEye 007, and Half-Life 2, but the general favorite seemed to be a simple shotgun, especially Doom’s.

worth the effort
It has to be the Handcannon of Resident Evil 4 for me. It’s a ridiculously overpowered Magnum that makes Leon totally unstoppable, so it’s fun to blast through the game as a massive destructive force!

What makes it really special to me is that you can only unlock it by getting a five-star rating on each of the four Mercenary maps with all five playable characters. It was a big challenge for me, so when I finally did it, it was very rewarding.

low tech favorite
It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the bow and arrows are generally the best weapons in games, and every time I’ve started Skyrim all over again with the intention of being a radically different character than before, I’ve always gravitated toward cave-crawling. shooting arrows. in people’s heads.

That said, there have been some truly iconic and unique weapons over the years and I couldn’t let this hot topic go without mentioning the following:

  • R-Type Strength
  • Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath – They’re all wacky and funny
  • The Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
  • Portal portal gun
  • Perfect Dark’s portable pistol (and Farsight that shoots through walls)
  • bubble bobble bubbles
  • god of war ax
  • Returnal: All of them, but my personal favorite is the Electopylon Driver.

Andrew Wright

golden old man
The best weapon has to be the super shotgun from Doom 2, right? The sound it makes by itself – blam! Like god closing his car door. With the reload animation, which was sadly absent in Doom 64, and the sound is just amazing. This gun and the pinkie demon go together like a horse and carriage. I don’t know how many thousands of times I waited for one to get really close and then shot it in one shot. It’s always the same sound and gory death animation over and over again, but it’s still satisfying to this day.

As for weird weapons, Nevan from Devil May Cry 3 comes to mind. It’s an electric guitar that shoots bats, that old brown man! – which is really hard to use, though I’m sure a skilled player (ie not me) can use it to great effect.

My most hated weapon is the flamethrower from the original NES Contra. It’s clearly a troll weapon that’s useless even compared to your starting pistol, and my heart sinks every time I pick it up by accident. The good news is that Konami greatly improved it in later games. I also feel compelled to mention GoldenEye 007’s Klobb in N64, which is so weak I get the feeling enemies eventually fall off and die of pity.

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golden gun
There are a lot of great weapons in Destiny, which is no surprise since it has, for my money, the best gunplay of any modern weapon. A lot of people will have their favourites, and I don’t play it much these days so I’m probably a bit out of the loop, but my favorite is still the Gjallarhorn.

For those who don’t know, it’s a gold rocket launcher whose rocket splits into multiple small rockets when you fire it. It’s so satisfying I can’t tell you, especially against Destiny’s bullet sponge enemies.

Of course Bungie eventually nerfed it which ruined all the fun and now I’m not even sure if it’s skipped or not but at the time it was the weapon everyone wanted and I have fond memories of being the only one in my team that had it.

multiplayer favorites
My favorite weapon in a game is the Brain Drill from Turok: Rage Wars on the N64. I got the game for free from Special Reserve and if people don’t know Rage Wars, it’s an offline multiplayer Turok game with I think teams and individuals/bots fighting with different weapons in arenas. I haven’t played it in a long time (20 years).

My brother and I were always looking for the brain-piercing weapon, as once you pointed it at the enemy and fired it, it would go to the person and pierce (!) their skull. It always made a horrible noise when it happened! Although when we used it we laughed every time because he was so ridiculously overpowered!

My least favorite weapon is the spiny shell that first appeared in Mario Kart 64 on the N64, like the brain drill I think it’s mastered. I think this weapon would be the worst weapon for a lot of people.

I like all the different weapons in all the Gears of War games, there are a few that I don’t like, but for the most part I love the noise they make and the damage they do in the game. The Gnasher (basically a shotgun) is a lot of fun to use but very overpowered in online multiplayer. I like the active reload minigame in Gears with all the weapons, I thought it was and is a very clever game mechanic.

One last weapon I like is the rocket launcher in Red Faction 1 on PlayStation 2. I really liked it because my brother and I used to go into deathmatch levels and tunnel through the walls and floor with it to see how far we could get to, since Red Faction 1, like the other games, had
destroyable landscape.

I almost completed the single player campaign in the first game but got stuck at the end and we played the deathmatches just fine but also spent a lot of time digging tunnels with the rocket launchers!
Andrew J.

CG: Brain perforation was in Turok 2 first.

As announced
It’s a bit ironic given that Fallout’s gunplay is pretty terrible, but probably my favorite weapon in a game is the mini-nuke. A lot of time with video game weapons are all hype and don’t show up, but this did exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s not completely broken because ammo is in short supply, but if you’re in trouble, just pull out the old nuclear catapult and boom! Instant mushroom cloud. very satisfying

Dynamic duo
I have particular favorites when it comes to first and third person shooters and their combat. The two I use the most are the shotgun and the sniper rifle.

I found the weapons used in the Resident Evil 4 and 5 games to be a lot of fun, especially for leveling up and upgrading your favorites. It especially makes it more rewarding when you see the explosive effects and damage done by taking out the various enemies of varying ranks!

Mass Effect and Far Cry also had a lot of fun upgrading these two types of weapons. Anything more nuanced, like automatic pistols and machine guns or rifles, isn’t powerful enough for me. Switching between shotgun and sniper rifle is how my personal tactics work in most games. I’ve always loved headshots of upgraded sniper weapons from afar, whether it’s sci-fi or modern sims.

The Auto Shotgun in Resident Evil 4 was definitely a firm favorite and Black Widow Sniper in Mass Effect Andromeda was also a winner.

One final pistol that I have always found very satisfying to use is the Magnum pistol. GoldenEye 007 and the first Resident Evil games were the ones to test this type of weapon and say goodbye to heads. Always hoping for more of the same kind of fun while using the same tactics for future games.

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