Best Ranked Weapons Upgrade Features

Best Ranked Weapons Upgrade Features

The most recent update, also known as the Classified Weapons update, has brought Call of Duty Vanguard in the third season of the battle pass. Along with the new season and the new battle pass, Sledgehammer Games has tried to revamp the Obligations franchise by bringing some exciting new editions.

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The update brings with it new experiences for war zone and classic multiplayer, as well as adding beloved weapons, equipment, and some new characters to enjoy. Either way, there are some additions that will change the game, or even tell players what the future of war zone It seems.


6 new gulag

For most battle royales, dying isn’t cool. It usually means the end of the game for the player and his teammates. This is one of the main reasons why war zone is so popular: the introduction of the Gulag.

Fortunately, the Classified Arms update has brought a new Gulag map for people to explore and destroy the enemy. It’s called Hold and it resembles the belly of a ship from the inside. This ship-like map is relatively symmetrical and has some useful corridors for sniping, as well as nice open space throughout most of the map for close combat or just some great gun skills.

5 Changes in the war zone

A new Gulag isn’t the only interesting addition to war zone. It seems that the creators of the popular Battle Royale have decided to tease the involvement of some even more popular monsters. Also known as Operation Monarch.

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This invites players to keep an eye out for some interesting paintings scattered throughout the Caldera caves. There are also some sizable skulls and remains of mysterious monsters hidden inside supply crates and Ruins scattered around the map. All of this brings a considerable amount of excitement for what is to come. war zone.

4 weapons

One of the main aspects of this update is weapons. It seems to be the main focus of Season 3, making each battle a little more unique. There is an addition of three fantastic pistols and a nostalgic melee weapon that any fan of Obligations will adore

One of the best things about these four additions is the idea that there is one for almost every weapon type. Unfortunately, nothing has been seen yet about the addition of a new sniper or shotgun, but rifles and SMGs have received a new experience.

Such additions include:

  • M1916: Marksman’s Rifle
  • Nikita AVT Assault Rifle
  • H4 Blixen: Machine Gun
  • Hammer: Melee

It’s worth noting that Sledgehammer and H4 Blixen will be available later in the season either through an SMG based challenge for the H4 or a melee based challenge that is supposedly soon.

3 Team

The reintroduction of the Sledgehammer isn’t the only nostalgic addition to the Classified Weapons update. A new field update has the opportunity to grace the battlefield with its presence once again. This time, the trophy system is once again annoying enemies.

It is a great addition to Vanguard, especially with the idea that it’s free, rather than requiring the battle pass or a trip to the store. However, the nature of its cost is irrelevant when considering the usefulness of this wonderful field upgrade. Stops virtually all projectiles thrown around it, keeping players and their allies alive longer.

two characters

If new weapons and new gear have been announced, it would only be fair to allow a few new people to join the fray so players can try out a whole new loadout. Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has done just that, introducing three awesome new characters to explore.

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They are Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter and Kim Tae Young. One look at these characters and many gamers will have a favorite. Expect to see many new skins on the battlefield that will likely sport some awesome new loadouts.

one new maps

what separates Obligations from other first person shooters is its variety of maps. Players can play a large-scale, slower-paced game one minute and then be in a chaotic melee map the next. It keeps teams on their toes and allows players to try different styles of play. This is something the new update is mainly focused on, particularly the smaller maps as there are some bigger ones already in the game.

The two new maps are called, Violence Y Sphere.

Mayhem is styled after an old movie set and is a three-lane melee map that guarantees the kind of chaos that Shipment brings. There are also elements of the map that players can destroy, just furthering that need for chaos.

As for Sphere, this is less movie and more science lab. It’s set in a rustic science lab filled with electricity, fire, and plenty of bullet holes at the end of the game. However, while it’s coming later in the season, it feels like a fast-paced experience with multiple layers, open spaces, and melee elements throughout.

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