Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Horror Games

Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Horror Games

Since its launch in 2011, the Nintendo 3DS has amassed a sizable collection of video game titles for gamers to enjoy. However, Horror is a genre for which the platform is often not recognized as the market is so poor. Nintendo isn’t really known for horror or anything like that with themes and environments that are considered too fancy.

However, many of the best 3DS horror games have sadly gone under the radar. This could be due to the 3DS’s broad age category and target demographic, or it could simply be that gamers connect horror to Nintendo very little and didn’t check to see if they had any decent horror games on the system.

Here are the 5 best Nintendo 3DS horror games

5) Corpse Party

  • Publishers: XSEED Games, MAGE-X, 5Pb., Wonderful

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Corpse Party is a classic video game that has been remade and ported multiple times to different platforms over the years. A recreation of the game was released for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring a number of additional characters and an improved story.

The boy spends his last day at school with his friends and instructor as he prepares to leave school and transfer. To keep their connections healthy and strong, they put on a nice ceremony that transports all the kids and teachers to another world.

Players must go on a quest to stay calm and escape alive after being trapped in an evil school inhabited by the souls of its deceased students. Players will have to unravel the mysteries of this otherworldly school and the murders that happened there years ago to find a way out.

4) Spirit Chamber

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is a game in the Fatal Frame series in which players use the camera on their Nintendo 3DS. Both the player’s reality and an old Japanese house are part of the game. The game is based on a cursed book that is said to take on the player’s face.

The game, like Fatal Frame, requires solving puzzles and photographing ghosts to explore its haunting plot and escape alive.

Spirits will appear around the player at certain times throughout the game, prompting them to pull out their 3DS and use the camera feature to observe and fight them.

3) Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is more of a family horror game. Next Level Games created Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, an action-adventure video game. This game serves as a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion, which was released in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube.

Players will discover that Luigi has been tasked with finding all the broken parts of King Boo’s Dark Moon. However, since the Dark Moon was destroyed, all the previously nice ghosts have become antagonistic, leading Luigi to catch them with his unique vacuum cleaner.

2) Resident Evil: Revelations

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When it comes to survival horror, Resident Evil is a classic series. While the game has also seen multiple major iterations and spin-offs over the years, only a handful made it to the Nintendo 3DS. Resident Evil: Revelations is one of those games.

The game has been released on a variety of platforms. It is important to note that this story takes place within the time frame of the main Resident Evil plot, specifically between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Players will play Resident Evil characters Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they hunt down a bioterrorist group and prevent them from polluting the oceans with a virus in the game.

1) creeping horror

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Creeping Terror is a real gem, and is a well-hidden game on the platform with just over 100 reviews on the 3DS Eshop. While this game may need some visual upgrades, its almost lo-fi look and feel add to the mounting terror.

In Creeping Terror, players must resist being hunted by a killer while imprisoned in a dilapidated mansion. Players control the main character, and how they play determines how many of their teammates survive.

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