Resident Evil Village’s Worst Ways For Ethan To Die

Resident Evil Village’s Worst Ways For Ethan To Die

Resident Evil Village has a multitude of ways for poor Ethan Winters to die, but some are much more gruesome than others. With so many things out there trying to get him, it’s no wonder the game features many unique ways to kill Ethan. Most of the kills the player encounters are simply Ethan crying before he falls to the ground. However, there are some truly bloody and disturbing scenes that can happen to the player before they are greeted with the classic”You are dead“game over screen.

In his efforts to find his daughter, Ethan Winters must confront the infected citizens of the titular town, including the heads of the four families that rule the town and who are the main antagonists along with Mother Miranda. Naturally, all of these parties more or less want to see Ethan dead. As Ethan survives fatal injuries in Resident Evil Village, is not invulnerable. From werewolves to drills, the enemies in Resident Evil Village they have a wide variety of ways to maim and kill the protagonist, and some of these execution methods are much more grisly than others.


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Ethan’s uncanny ability to survive is strictly relegated to cutscenes and scripted sequences where players often feel a sense of security. However, within the gameplay of Village, Ethan is not so lucky and one misstep could spell his doom. Some of these deaths are among the most horrific in the entire series, only made more terrifying by the transition from the last few resident Evil games to a first person perspective.

Ethan being eaten by Resident Evil Werewolves is horribly visceral.

Resident Evil Village Ethan Death Eaters Werewolves

This kill is arguably one of the most common kills a player can come across, especially if players are looking to survive. Resident Evil VillageHardcore mode of . The infected villagers of the town of the same name have contracted an infection that alters them in ways reminiscent of lycanthropy. This infection alters their appearance into a werewolf-like creature while giving them wild tendencies. Upon killing Ethan, these tendencies take over and the player is greeted by a scene of a lycanthrope disemboweling Ethan before feasting on his spilled guts as Ethan watches in horror before bleeding to death. It’s a savage death befitting the ferocity of werewolves.

Ethan from Resident Evil Village can be swallowed whole by Moreau

Resident Evil Village Ethan deaths eaten Moreau

While Moreau Resident Evil Village mermaid enemies were eliminated, an aquatic enemy stayed behind to deliver a very unsettling underwater kill. Salvatore Moreau, another of the four gentlemen who act as antagonists in Villageit undergoes a mutation when the player fights it and sees it transform into a large aquatic creature.

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The player must then confront Moreau in a large swamp where Moreau can knock Ethan into the water. If this happens, Ethan floats in horror underwater for a few moments before Moreau emerges from the darkness to swallow Ethan whole. For those with thalassophobia, this death is probably the scariest.

Ethan is stung by Sturm in Resident Evil Village.

At the end of the game, players are introduced to the Sturm, a legged airplane propeller created by the enigmatic Heisenberg. Eventually, the player will fight Sturm in his Resident Evil Village boss battle that could culminate in one of the bloodiest deaths Ethan can face. If the front helix takes a fatal hit in the hallway leading to the boss fight, Ethan will be knocked to the ground as Sturm swings his swords at Ethan and slowly walks forward. The result is a very bloody mess as the blades sting poor Ethan from the feet up.

Resident Evil Village’s Giant Meat Grinder Can Grind Ethan To Stick

Resident Evil Village Ethan Death Meat Grinder

Early in the game, Ethan is captured by the four lords when they encounter Mother Miranda. Ethan is unexpectedly released and allowed to escape as sick game for one of the lords. Ethan is led into a death trap involving a large meat grinder. If Ethan falls victim to this meat grinder, he turns into a meaty paste before the werewolves gaze. Fortunately for Ethan, it’s relatively easy to escape this trap, but it can be harrowing for first-time players as they desperately seek to avoid a terrible fate.

Lady Dimitrescu offers Ethan from Resident Evil Village a beautiful beheading

Pronunciation of the name of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

Eventually, Ethan will be chased around Dimitrescu Castle by his titular patron, fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu, pictured in Resident Evil Village by actress Maggie Robertson. During a section where Ethan is forced to engage her without her weapons, there is a special animation where Lady Dimitrescu is able to grab Ethan before cleanly decapitating him with her claws. Seeing Ethan’s body fall headless to the ground marks a memorable death, if not necessarily the bloodiest.

Ethan being eaten alive by a giant baby is the true horror of Resident Evil Village

Baby monster from Resident Evil 8 Village

Once the player makes their way to the Benevento mansion, Ethan quickly falls under Donna Benevento’s illusionary spell and must confront a grotesquely large larval baby creature in the basement of the large mansion. Donna Benevenvento, one of the four lords, is a doll enthusiast and master of illusions, traits that Donna uses to control Resident Evil Village dolls, but real or not, the creature is a very real threat to Ethan.

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If the baby manages to grab it, it will be pushed, kicking and screaming, by its big mouth. This chilling scene gets even worse when the baby lets out a haunting cry for his dad while Ethan is eaten alive. What makes this scene so unsettling is that the player has to watch Ethan slide down his throat before the game over screen appears, easily making it one of the most traumatic deaths in the entire world. . resident Evil.

Naturally, how horrible these deaths are is a matter of individual player opinion, but that’s where Village has an advantage over the rest of the series. The transition to first-person view coupled with the variety of enemy skins present in the game means there are a surprising number of ways Ethan can die. with the anniversary of resident Evil coming back once more, there is hope that a new Resident Evil Village DLC could also be announced with the possibility of new deaths being added. For those with a macabre curiosity, Resident Evil Village offers a lot for any fan of horror games.

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