Ranking the 5 best additions to Minecraft in 2022

Ranking the 5 best additions to Minecraft in 2022

One of the many reasons behind the success of Minecraft is the addition of new features every year. At the annual live event, Mojang announced the next major update for Minecraft along with many upcoming features.

In 2022, Mojang will release version 1.19, titled The Wild Update. Like the two-part Caves & Cliffs update, The Wild Update is also all about Overworld. Players have been eagerly awaiting update 1.19 to experience the horrors of deep and dark caves, the wild nature of mangroves, and more.

This article lists some of the awesome additions planned for release in 2022. With these features, players will love The Wild Update.

Minecraft The Wild Update: 5 Best Additions

5) Frogs

Croaking frogs approach (Image via Mojang)
Croaking frogs approach (Image via Mojang)

The frog was first officially announced at MINECON Live 2019. It was part of the swamps and competed against two other biomes, but failed to win the biome vote. After more than two years, the frogs are finally back with The Wild Update.

Mojang will add three varieties of frogs in the version 1.19 update: orange, green, and white. The color of the mob depends on the temperature of the biome. In cooler biomes, players can spawn green frogs, white frogs in warmer ones, and orange frogs in temperate ones.

Frogs are not added just for the environment. Players can use the mob to get new light source blocks called froglight. When a frog eats a small cube of magma, it drops a frog light.

4) Mangroves

Parity between Swift Sneak and Minecraft Java Mangrove Swamp is also in the latest beta/preview, though it wasn’t mentioned in the official changelog: twitter.com/MCPE4theBeacon…

Minecraft The Wild Update will finally revamp boring swamps by adding a new variety of biomes. Mangrove swamps are an ever-improving variant of swamps that feature mud blocks, frogs, and beautiful mangroves.

Compared to the old swamps, the mangroves are much better and have a realistic touch. They are incredibly compact, have narrow rivers, and are flooded with mangrove roots running into the water.

3) Sculk blocks

Sculk blocks revealed so far (Image via Mojang)
Sculk blocks revealed so far (Image via Mojang)

When Mojang first revealed sculk blocks, the redstone community went wild over the possibilities these blocks add to the game. Almost all sculk blocks can read the vibrations of their surroundings.

Players can use sculk blocks, especially sculk sensors, in their redstone projects to wirelessly perform certain tasks. Sculk blocks are also used to summon the guardian and farm experience points.

2) ancient city

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Ancient city is a new exclusive deep and dark cave structure coming with The Wild Update. This mysterious structure will add a unique aspect to the Minecraft story. Players are already going crazy thinking about theories about the ancient civilization that created the ancient cities.

Ancient Cities feature various useful and rare items such as Echo Shards, Reinforced Deep Slate, Swift Sneak enchantment, and more. Players will also need to be careful when exploring ancient cities, as making sounds can trigger a sculk shriek and summon the guardian.

1) warden

You can run, but you can’t hide… In this snapshot, for Minecraft: Java Edition, we’ve included the guardian’s sonic ranged attack, which can easily penetrate the wall you’re hiding behind! Read the full list of features now:🔗 redsto.ne/22W15A https://t.co/eImVX9CDhA

The horror of the deep and dark caves, the guardian, was first announced about two years ago. This monstrosity is finally coming to Minecraft with the version 1.19 update.

The warden is the strongest mob in the entire game. He can defeat a player covered in netherite armor with just a few hits. Mojang wants the player to fear the guardian instead of fighting him. This mob doesn’t drop anything when it dies to discourage players from attacking the guardian.

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