Minecraft fanatic creates functional factory (with unsafe working conditions)

Minecraft fanatic creates functional factory (with unsafe working conditions)

An impressive Minecraft factory build uses villagers as a dedicated workforce, but these hapless mobs are subjected to less than ideal conditions.

a worker Minecraft The player has built a fully functional factory, but conditions are less than ideal for their workforce of villagers. Mojang’s beloved sandbox survival title gives players the tools and resources to build countless complex creations. while many Minecraft Mods have added new creatures and items to the game, skilled players can bring impressive structures to life using just the base game.

Minecraft The randomly generated worlds contain a large number of materials that players can collect and reuse to create their own structures. Stone, wood, sand, and dirt are basic ingredients that can be transformed into a huge swath of different building blocks, like brick and glass. Particularly clever players can even use a material called Redstone, combined with special command blocks, to create moving objects and automatic machinery. Pistons, doors, and dispensers are just a few of the objects that can be linked to Redstone via triggers like switches and pressure plates, and using these features in tandem can lead to some amazing game-like builds. Minecraft Word meeting.


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reddit user Fear_Pressure1749 It recently showed off a unique Redstone-powered factory that forces villagers to work in unsafe conditions. The impressive build features a massive modeled exterior, complete with a fireplace and stalwart Golem guards to keep the workers inside. Meanwhile, the inside of the factory is filled with Villager workers who are locked inside by Redstone-powered doors. The factory floor is littered with beds for these hapless mobs, creating an extremely dangerous work environment for the unlucky workers who sleep near the machinery. A child is even seen running around the factory, which is surely a multiple safety code violation.

While Redstone allows Scary_Pressure1749 to create a truly monotonous, automated factory, some Minecraft instead, the constructions point to wonder and color. for example, a Minecraft house construction Up allows users to soar through the skies and sit among the clouds of the game. Disney-Pixar’s beloved animated film sees protagonists Carl and Russell tie countless balloons to Carl’s house and fly around the world on an awe-inspiring adventure. The Minecraft The house version manages to capture the wonder and joy of this concept, though sadly the building doesn’t actually move through the air.

Scary_Pressure1749’s Minecraft The factory is very impressive, with stone guards and a massive chimney creating an eerily oppressive workplace. The factory’s Villager workers are clearly in unsafe conditions, though they seem to pay no attention to the cruel circumstances they face. While Scary_Pressure1749 is outnumbered by his Villager employees, it seems the simple mobs aren’t interested in a riot.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Scary_Pressure1749/Reddit

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