Minecraft: Top 10 Game Addons

Minecraft: Top 10 Game Addons

This endless game Minecraft it has been kept alive for a decade and one of the main reasons or factors behind it is the additions or plugins that players can install so that they don’t get bored of the game and experience new things in the game. I like it Java Editions has mods, bedrock edition allows plugins to make modifications to the game. Minecraft not only has a huge fan community, but also has one of the largest modding communities, with thousands of active and enthusiastic developers creating mods and addons.

The best plugins to install in Minecraft

1. More tools

More tools is an amazing minecraft addon that comes with more than 35 types of armor, 20 different decoration elementsand also 720 new tools to get their hands on you. Players also have the opportunity to use resources such as glowing quartz, enderite, amethyst, magma cream, lapis lazuli, and more to create new variants of pickaxe, sword, axe, Y hoe, shoveland more.

The plugin is popular for custom tools like mace, hammer, scythe, karambit, etc. Players are required to learn about all these new items and how they work. you can check the More tools plugin from minecraft here.

2. Mutant creatures

Nowadays in minecraft fighting normal monsters like creepers, zombies, Y skeletons become easier to handle in Minecraft. Eager players willing to take on more dangerous mobs can play mutant creatures plugin to get mutated versions of regular hostile mobs.

In Mutant Creatures, players encounter mutant versions of zombies, husk, enderman, skeleton, stray, wither skeleton, and many other mobs. To turn a mob into a mutant, a player can use an item called Chemical X to turn a mob into a mutant. you can check the Mutant Creatures Addon from minecraft here.

3. True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has become fashionable among Minecraft players. The bedrock players You can install the True Survival addon to play in a world flooded with dangerous zombies. There are more than 20 different types of zombies in this addon with various weapons also available in the addon to defeat the zombies. you can check the Zombie Apocalypse Addon from minecraft here.

4. Transformation Plus

transform more is a simple Minecraft addon that allows players to become 30 different types of mobs. Players gain their appearance and abilities after transforming into a mob. In this addon enderman can teleport, blaze can shoot fire, snow golem can shoot snowballs and many more with different abilities and strengths.

But you have to be very careful as many mobs also have disadvantages. For example, zombie starts burning in daylight, enderman takes damage from rain or in water, etc. You can check the Morph Plus Plugin from minecraft here.

5. Pokedrock SERP

SERP Pokédrock is quite similar to pixelmon mode for the Java edition. This addon has been quite popular among basic gamers despite having only pokemon generation 1. Players will be able to find Pokémon scattered throughout the Overworld.

The spawning of different types of Pokémon depends on the location. For example, Bug-type Pokémon spawn in forests, while Water-types spawn in oceans. you can check the Pokedrock SERP Plugin from minecraft here.

6.Naruto Jedi

naruto It has a huge fan base all over the world and the fans would love the Naruto Jedy addon. This addon comes with various abilities from Naruto-verse to Minecraft. This addon turns Minecraft into a Naruto game by adding skills like Sharingan, Byakugan, Mangekyo, Rinnegan, Susanooetc.

This plugin features separate stats like HP, Chakra, Chakra Limit, Training Points and many more. In Naruto Jedy, players can become Jinchuuriki and fight Bijuus. you can check the Naurot Judy Complement from minecraft here.

7. Wave of prehistoric animals

This plugin is made for dinosaurs and Jurassic Park lovers from the wave of prehistoric animals It comes with a wide variety of dinosaurs from the prehistoric era. This addon also includes more than ten new mobs types.

Players will encounter various types of dinosaurs, some of which are hostile towards players, while others can be tamed. The addon also features dinosaur drops, custom weapons, armor, and much more. you can check the Prehistoric Animals Wave Plugin from minecraft here.

8. Royal weapons

If the players are tired of using the same weapons in Minecraft then they can try the Actual Guns addon which comes with a variety of weapons. It is the first Bedrock plugin to add weapons.

The developers not only included the real-life weapons, but also included custom weapons and swords. Players can obtain assault rifles, snipers, pistols, submachine guns, and many more. you can check the Royal Weapons Wave Plugin from minecraft here.

9. WorldEdit

WorldEdit is another Minecraft mod, which is popular among mega builders and map creators. Players will have the ability to change any aspect of the world using WorldEdit. It is typically used to create, copy, rotate, or cut shapes and sizes.

The WorldEdit plugin has inherited most of the features from the original WorldEdit mod for Java Edition. The creator has been updating the plugin to bring Java parity. you can check the WorldEdit Plugin from minecraft here.

10. Raiyon Dynamic Lighting Plugin

dynamic lighting is one of the most notable features and the Optifine mod comes with this feature to java edition. Similarly, bedrock edition you can get the same dynamic lighting feature by using Raiyon’s dynamic lighting plugin.

Light-emitting blocks will also diffuse light when the player holds or drops them with dynamic lighting. Through this method, players can explore dark caves without having to craft hundreds of torches to light the cave. you can check the Dynamic Lighting Plugin from minecraft here.

What do you think about the 10 best plugins in Minecraft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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