How to find where screenshots are saved in Minecraft?

How to find where screenshots are saved in Minecraft?

You can take screenshots at Minecraft with ease, but do you have any idea where the screenshots are saved? Not many people know about this, and that’s why we’ve decided it would be a good idea to explain it. Now, we should point out that there are two versions of Minecraft, and they all save screenshots in different places. This is quite strange, but it is the decision that the developers have chosen and there is nothing we can do about it at this time.

How to find where screenshots are saved in Minecraft?

Locating the screenshots folder for various versions of Minecraft is not a difficult task if you know what you are doing. Fortunately, we have an idea, and as such, we have decided to explain everything.

How to locate screenshots of the Java version of Minecraft?

How to find where screenshots are saved in Minecraft

The Java version of Minecraft generally saves all screenshots to a folder located in the main Minecraft directory. There is an easy way to access this folder without having to open File Manager.

You see, whenever you take a screenshot in the Java version of Minecraft, see the file name appear on your screen The good news is that this file name is clickableso all you have to do is click and it will immediately open the image in the default Photos app.

Once the app is up and running with the image displayed, now it’s time to find the screenshot folder.

  • Click the File Info button. You can’t miss it as it’s right next to the three-dot button.
  • You should now see a sidebar rise to the right of the screen. Just click on the link below the folder path and that should take you to the correct location.

Where are minecraft screenshots saved in normal version?

When it comes to the normal version of Minecraft or the Vanilla version, as some like to say, the screenshots are located in the installation folder. The installation folder is located at C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraftand from inside is the Screenshot folder with all your photos inside.

There is another way which is based on Minecraft Launcher and for some it is easier or takes more time. You will have to decide for yourself.

  • Download the Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store if you haven’t already.
  • After launching, click on the Installation tab at the top.
  • Look for the option that says, Latest Version, and from there, click on the folder icon on the right in front of it.
  • Look for a folder called Screenshots, and that’s it, you’re ready to tango.

How to find the folder where screenshots are saved in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the version of the game that Microsoft wants everyone to switch to. It will take some time, but we hope that in the future most players will move away from Java and towards Bedrock.

Now, since taking screenshots via Bedrock Edition requires the use of the Xbox Game Bar, the images will be placed in the folder linked to that app. We will explain how to get to that place.

  • Open Xbox Game Bar by clicking the Windows key to open the Start menu
  • Then click All Apps. From there, you’ll find the Xbox Game Bar. Alternatively, you can just press Windows Key + G.
  • Take a screenshot by clicking Capture on the Widget menu.
  • From the Gallery window, click Open file location and you’re done.

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Is Minecraft free on Android?

No, it’s not. However, there is the option for a new user to download the game and get a 30-day trial before having to pay.

What kind of computer is needed to play Minecraft?

Minecraft game is not very resource intensive when it comes to CPU and GPU. A simple computer with an Intel i3 processor with 4GB of RAM coupled with an AMD Radeon™ R5-series or NVIDIA GeForce 400 graphics card should be good enough for a long time.

How to find where screenshots are saved in Minecraft

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