How to enter and load into a specific Minecraft seed

How to enter and load into a specific Minecraft seed

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With an endless number of Minecraft landscapes available to you, the fun survival game comes with the knowledge that you’ll never see all the awesome world generations out there. But luckily Minecraft world seeds, a reference number specific to a generation of the Minecraft world, help us at least experience some of them. When players around the world discover a particularly amazing Minecraft world, they can share that same seed for others to explore. So how do you load into an existing minecraft seed? Follow our step-by-step guide to do just that.

You may need to know which version the seed you are loading is specific to, as there is not yet full parity of seeds between versions. seed parity was introduced with update 1.18 Caves and Cliffs part 2, but only applies to biomes and landscapes, not structure spawning.

How to Load a Minecraft World Seed – Java Edition

If you want to recreate one of your own worlds from scratch, you can simply select it and press the “Re-Create” button. However, if you’ve found a seed online or a friend has recommended one, here’s how to upload it!

Click on “Single Player” and then select the “Create New World” option at the bottom of the screen.

Load Minecraft Seed Java Edition Create World

From here, you will be able to name your world and choose your difficulty and mode. However, to enter a seed, you will need to press the “More world options” button.

minecraft load seed more world options

In the top box, you will be able to enter text or numbers, and this is where you will enter the seed. You can usually just leave this blank, or even enter a random number, but to load into a specifically generated world, enter the seed you want here.

minecraft upload enter seed

That’s it! Once you’ve made sure you’ve changed all the other options to suit your needs, click Create New World and it will load into the specific seed you entered. You can’t change it, so check that it’s correct.

Minecraft cargo seed made

Changing the “World Type” and customize will override the seed you entered, and the structures or scenery you wanted to see may not be there. To ensure you get the correct world, these options must match those of the original world you want to replicate.

How to Load a Minecraft World Seed: Bedrock Edition

In Bedrock’s main menu, you’ll want to click “Create New” and then “Create New World” on the next screen.

From here, you will automatically see the general game options. You will need to click “Advanced” on the left side of the screen.

Minecraft load seed Bedrock Edition advanced options menu

Enter the seed number in the box at the top of the Advanced Options screen. Make sure it is correct, as you will need to complete the process again if you entered the seed incorrectly.

As with Java Edition, you’ll need to make sure the other settings are correct for the seed. These will usually be the standard settings, so don’t change any other options unless you know they’ve been changed for the seed you’re playing (eg large biomes).

Minecraft load seed Bedrock Edition enter seed

Click Create on the left side and wait for your beautiful new Minecraft world to load!

Minecraft Load Seed Bedrock Edition Create World

Playing your new Minecraft world

Hopefully, if you’ve been given a great seed to try, you’ll have been given the specific coordinates for the view/structure in question. Minecraft worlds are huge in size, so you might not find something specific without a little help. Alternatively, he may have been given a seed for his spawn; maybe there are many different biomes nearby or a nearby village. In this case, you will spawn in the same place as everyone else using this seed.

Have fun exploring awesome Minecraft worlds with some cool seeds, and if you find an awesome Minecraft world spawn, don’t forget to share your seed too! We have another step-by-step guide on how to find your world seed, depending on the version of Minecraft you’re playing. Speaking of which, the awesome seed we found that appears in our featured image is 1934646929 in Java Edition 1.19, which features the Wild Update Mangrove Swamp biome in the build.

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