TIME Studios presents ‘March Through Time’ in Fortnite

TIME Studios presents ‘March Through Time’ in Fortnite

‘March Through Time’, a year-long educational event in Fortnite Creative inspired by TIME Studios’ innovative experimental project ‘The March’, will be available to millions of Fortnite players worldwide on August 26, 2021.

(New York, NY, August 26, 2021) — TIME Studios, the Emmy® Award-winning television, film and immersion division of TIME, in collaboration with Epic Games’ Fortnite, has released march through time, a new year-long Fortnite creative experience to celebrate the anniversary of The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Inspired by the innovative immersive project of TIME Studios The Marchwhich brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech to virtual reality for the first time, march through Time, was developed to introduce a new audience to this historic event and explore pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement.

“TIME Studios’ mission is to embrace innovative new formats to tell the world’s most powerful stories. We are thrilled to introduce our first gameplay experience and expand on our groundbreaking The March project, which began as an immersive exhibit, at the March Through Time global educational event in Fortnite Creative,” said TIME Studios President Ian Orefice.

“The creators of the Epic Games and Fortnite community have been instrumental in bringing this powerful content to millions of players, and we are excited to allow the next generation to explore the historical impact of Dr. King in a new way,” the producer continued. TIME Studios executive Tomi Omololu. Lange and Matthew O’Rourke.

Eric D. Tidwell, Esq., Managing Director and General Counsel, King Estate said, “King Estate is excited to partner with TIME once again on another innovative project. We continually strive to take Dr. King out of the history books and place his legacy directly into the lives of younger generations. With the advent of emerging technology, we seek to use all available resources to continue spreading his wonderful legacy of hope, peace, love, and equality. Presenting his most famous speech in such an interactive format helps us achieve that goal.”

march through time transports players to DC 63, a reimagined Washington, DC, allowing them to enter a fully immersive experience and learn firsthand the civil rights teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. like never before. In the experience, players will travel to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall of the United States, where Dr. King delivered his iconic Civil Rights speech. march through time is extended with museum-inspired points of interest and quests where players will work together with others to complete various collaborative mini-games. These activities move players forward through the experience and bring to life important themes of Dr. King’s speech: We move forward when we work together.

“Fortnite Creative is a way for anyone to create great new experiences and publish them to an audience of millions, all within one of the world’s most popular destinations for gaming and social entertainment,” said Nate Nanzer, vice president of partnerships. Global Epic Games. . “We are honored to help TIME Studios bring such a shocking moment in the ongoing fight for civil rights to life within Fortnite Creative.”

The collaboration between Fortnite and TIME was developed through the creative leads of the project Tomi Omololu-Lange and Matthew O’Rourke of TIME Studios, who also serve as the main executive producers of March Through Time. Ian Orefice will also serve as executive producer on behalf of TIME Studios, with TIME’s Bridget Wilson overseeing business development on the project. Using the tools available in Fortnite Creative, the experience was built by Fortnite community creators ChaseJackman, GQuanoe, XWDFr, and YU7A]. march through time was created with the support of Intellectual Properties Management, Inc. (licensor to the estate of Martin Luther King Jr.), which awarded TIME the development rights for this project.

Learn more about the march through time experience in Fortnite.

march through time is inspired by TIME’s innovative immersive exhibit, The March, released in February 2020 at the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago. The exhibit was brought to life with creative and production partners JuVee Productions, Digital Domain, VALISstudio and RYOT, and the support of presenting sponsor American Family Insurance. For more information and to see the digital experience of The March visit TIME’s The March website.

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