Mystery solved! The golden beaver in the old hospital is probably a leftover prop from the movie (and maybe not a beaver at all)

Mystery solved!  The golden beaver in the old hospital is probably a leftover prop from the movie (and maybe not a beaver at all)

The golden statue has been removed from the roof of the old general hospital, but according to the building’s owner, there were actually two statues in the building, so it’s possible that somewhere in Sudbury there is another golden statue of an animal waiting to be found.

The story unfolds with an ad from a reader.

“Last night my wife, daughter and I went for a walk in Bell Park. On the way back we passed in front of the old hospital. Well oh my…there’s a golden beaver on the roof! I had no fucking idea,” Craig Thompson wrote in an email to

Thompson sent a photo along with the email and there, sure enough, was what appeared to be a shiny gold painted sculpture of a beaver.

The golden beaver statue might not be a story for many; in fact, it might be dramatic for me to make it as big of a deal as I did in TikTok Account – but it was a point of curiosity for many of us in the newsroom.

Where did the beaver come from? Was it always there? Who put it there? And why a beaver?

So of course I had to dig deeper.

I made the trip to the old St. Joseph’s Health Center (also known as the largest mural in Canada) and confirmed that there was indeed a golden statue of what appeared to be Canada’s national animal perched on the roof of the building.

The next step was to find out more about the mysterious golden beaver that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

“I wanted to call because I was wondering if you knew there is a golden beaver on the San Jose mural,” I asked Angelo Butera in a phone call a couple of days later.

Butera is the president of panoramic propertiesowner of the old general hospital.

“Like, like an animal?” Butera asked. Butera had no idea what he was talking about.

The beaver was not intentionally placed there as part of the mural. That meant someone had broken into the property, climbed onto the roof, and placed the golden beaver statue there.

After doing some research on his own, Butera called a few hours later with an update on the mysterious golden beaver.

“So the statue on top of the hospital is actually a prop from a movie that was shot inside the hospital a while back,” Butera said. “And we assume it appeared on the roof sometime after Thursday (April 28). However, I guess the interesting part of this is that there were actually two of these statues inside the hospital. And after we’ve taken this one down, one is missing. So I guess we’ll find out where he shows up next in Sudbury.”

Butera said he had the statue removed from the roof out of fear it might fly away in windy conditions and injure someone.

He said he couldn’t tell me what movie the props were for, but it’s possible it was a prop from “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City,” a zombie movie based on the popular Resident Evil video game series. The movie was partially filmed in Sudbury in late 2020 with the old general hospital being one of the filming locations.

watch the second part from our TikTok video about the mysterious golden statue of the animal.

some commentators on’s TikTok I’m suggesting that the golden beaver could actually be a golden rat, which would make more sense if the statue is a prop from a zombie movie.

Be it a beaver or a rat, one of them is still waiting to make its big appearance in Sudbury. encourages readers to contact with more information about the missing statue.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for that second golden beaver…ahem, I mean the rat. You never know where it will appear.

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