Modern Warfare 2 may bring back Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 may bring back Ghost

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 It has now been officially confirmed that it will be the next release in the titanic first-person shooter franchise. Being a reboot of the iconic 2009 title of the same name, fans can expect to see many returning characters and familiar settings.

Given the modern warfare 2 is a sequel to the 2019 reboot of Modern war, it can be inferred that many characters not featured in the 2019 title will have their time to shine in the upcoming sequel. Of all the classic characters that missed a feature within Modern war campaign, it was the omission of the fan-favorite character Ghost that many fans had an issue with. Fortunately, the mention of him in the final scene of the 2019 game and his call of duty: war zone appearance make a very likely return.


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What is known about Modern Warfare 2

While the idea of ​​a possible 2019 sequel Modern war has been celebrated quite frequently within the Obligations community for a while modern warfare 2 It has recently been officially confirmed by Activision. Given the acclaim of 2019 Modern war, It’s fair to say that the news of a sequel has been met with joy by many fans of the franchise.

With many of the finer details of modern warfare 2 currently unknown, it is known that the game is scheduled to release sometime in “fall 2022”. Much of what can be inferred as to the details of this upcoming sequel simply rests on what we already know about its predecessor. With modern warfare 2 Rumored to run on a completely new game engine, it’s safe to assume it will draw inspiration from the same visceral IW engine that was used in Modern warwith a focus on high fidelity and precise sound design.

It has also been heavily rumored that modern warfare 2 will be released alongside a sequel to the massively popular Obligations real battle war zone. If the game were to launch alongside Warzone 2, it would be a clear statement of intent from Activision as to the intended scale and longevity of the game. modern warfare 2. Confirmed to be developed by a veteran Obligations Infinity Ward study, it can also be inferred that modern warfare 2 will continue many of the plot elements and character arcs from the established 2019 narratives Modern war through its campaign and multiplayer modes.

Ghost in Modern Warfare

While there is great potential for fan-favorite character Ghost to feature prominently within modern warfare 2the capacity in which it appeared in 2019 Modern war must first be declared. While it is true that Ghost did not physically appear in the campaign of Modern warappeared as a playable operator within the game’s multiplayer mode, appearing quite a bit in season 2 of Modern war.

While it retains the iconic skull skin that made Ghost so appealing to gamers back in 2009, the version of Ghost that fans saw in the 2019 reboot of the Modern war The series was different in many ways. The Ghost that appeared in the multiplayer narrative of Modern war he acted in a much cooler, more results-focused manner than the Ghost from the original titles, while also featuring a much gruff and monotonous voice provided by new voice actor Jeff Leach, who has since left the franchise. Due to this departure, it is strongly rumored that Craig Fairbrass, the original voice of Ghost, will retain his role in the upcoming modern warfare 2.

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What Ghost would look like in Modern Warfare 2

Ghost is very likely to appear in modern warfare 2 campaign, given how his predecessor’s campaign ended. at the end of Modern war campaign, Captain Price is revealed to be forming the iconic Task Force 141, and even mentions classic characters John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley by name. looking at the original Modern war trilogy, fans will know that Ghost didn’t appear until the second installment, lending more credence to his possible appearance in the next one. modern warfare 2.

However, while the new Modern war the titles are reboot adaptations of their source material, they do not follow the same story, and many important details of the original narrative are open to change. For example, the character of Gaz within the original Modern war was that of an already established Lieutenant of the SAS, with the adaptation of Gaz in 2019 Modern war being just a segregant with a very different appearance and behavior.

Given the narrative freedom this adaptation of the original story encourages, many fans would welcome a change in Ghost’s story in the next modern warfare 2. Perhaps one of the biggest elements of Ghost’s character within the original. modern warfare 2 it was the scarring betrayal on General Shepherd’s part, leading to the deaths of both Ghost and part-protagonist Roach. With Ghost’s death being the subject of countless fan conspiracy theories and even game mods that aim to keep Ghost alive, the direction Activision should take with Ghost in modern warfare 2 it is clear to see.

If Ghost survived a possible betrayal within the new modern warfare 2, or even end up killing General Shepherd himself at some point in the reboot, fans would be glad to finally get to experience the flip side of what would otherwise be an extremely sad and drawn-out death. Not only would this provide a fantastic answer to a classic “what if” scenario that many fans have pondered, but it would also allow Ghost to get a broader scope of character development and involvement going forward. Modern war titles that have been rumored for decades.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is currently under development.

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