How to throw cabbage 100 meters or more in Fortnite

How to throw cabbage 100 meters or more in Fortnite

For Fortnite Week 6 Chapter 3 Season 2, players must throw a Cabbage 100 meters or more. Here’s where to find cabbages and where to dump them.

Going into Week 6 of Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite, a number of new challenges have been released for players to try, including throwing a cabbage 100 meters or more. Completing these challenges allows players to level up their Battle Pass and unlock in-game currency, weapon and character skins, and various other exciting rewards they won’t want to miss out on.

This week’s challenges are a bit harder than usual, and most are weapon-based, like trying to deal 100 or more damage with a bullet in Fortnite. However, one challenge requires characters to throw a cabbage 100 meters or more to complete it. This challenge is a bit more unique than most, so while completing it can be fun and simple, knowing where to start can be confusing.


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To do this Fortnite challenge, players can play either Zero Build Mode or Build Mode. Other than that, players don’t need any specific weapons or materials, which means they can complete this quest with ease once they know where to go. This is the best location for players to find and drop their Cabbage to complete this quest.

Where to find cabbages and how to throw them 100 meters in Fortnite

Fortnite Throw Col 100 Meters Location

First, players will want to find a Cabbage, which can be found everywhere. Fortnite new Chapter 3 map. Cabbage can be found all over the map in large brown and green boxes, with green cabbage sticking out of the top. To get one, players just need to loot one of these boxes and collect a cabbage. While these crates have a chance to drop other fruits and vegetables, players can only complete this quest specifically with a Cabbage.

Players will then need to hand throw it from a high point. There are a few ways to do this. If the player already has a lot of materials and wants to complete the quest quickly, he can start building a tall platform and drop it there. For players who don’t want to build (or are playing on Fortnite beloved Zero Build mode), the best place to throw the cabbage is in the hut on the plateau.

The Plateau Shack can be located between Cando Canyon and the new Rocky Heels area, and is most easily accessed by jumping there directly from the Battle Bus (as getting there on foot can be a bit tricky). There are cabbage pots to the northwest of the house, and then players can turn southwest from the pots to find a large rock pillar with shipping containers stacked on top of it. Players can take the zip line that goes from the corner of the white shack to this point to get there quickly. Once there, Fortnite players must cover the containers, climb to the top yellow, and throw the cabbage at a 90-degree angle to get the most air. It may take a few tries though, once the player completes this quest they will earn 20K EXP for their Battle Pass.

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