Dr Disrespect explains how Warzone 2 can compete with Apex and Fortnite

Dr Disrespect explains how Warzone 2 can compete with Apex and Fortnite

Apex Legends Season 13 has just been revealed, and for those interested, here’s everything we know about the release date and content coming in Respawn’s next big Battle Royale update.

Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance is coming to an end, and with that, players are beginning to look forward to the next season of content.

Recent trailers have hinted at content we could see in Season 13, including the new Legend, Newcastle. In addition to this, we also got more information from the Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors reveal trailer.

For those who are interested in Apex Legends Season 13, we’ve rounded up everything we know so far, including the estimated release date and content.

Apex Legends Season 13 Update Estimated Release Date

apex legends season 13 saviors

currently there No official release date for Apex Legends Season 13as there is no set end date for season 12. Having said that, seasons usually last around 3 months and by looking at the release and ending of previous seasons we can work out a rough estimate.

Apex updates usually come out on Tuesdays, so we’re expecting the Season 13 update to drop on May 10, 2022around 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

Apex Legends Season 13 Content

Season 13 Legend Newcastle

apex legends newcastle

Apex Legends Season 13 will bring a new Legend named Newcastle, who is suspected to be a Defensive Legend. This new Legend is also Bangalore’s brother, who was revealed in the Saviors trailer.

His description on the EA Saviors blog reads: “The hero of Harris Valley, Newcastle will need to protect his squadmates and their secrets in order to survive the Apex Games.”

Newcastle skills

Thanks to EA Blog and trailer, we also got a glimpse of some of his abilities. Although this trailer was not a game, it still provides a good idea of ​​what this Legend will do in the game. Since we had leaks about the abilities of this Legend, we also have an indication of the names of the abilities.

Passive: recover the wounded

  • Using his wrist-mounted Revive Shield, Newcastle can protect himself and his partner from incoming fire as he revives and carries his ally to safety. The Revive Shield works with Newcastle’s own Knockdown Shield, so finding higher levels of this item increases the strength of this ability.
Newcastle passive

Tactical: mobile shield

  • Newcastle creates a floating energy shield and can control its movement to adapt to the constantly changing frontlines of the battlefield. He advances the line, covers a retreat, or turns the shield to protect you against a sudden flank. The versatility of Mobile Shield and the shield’s over/under projections provide creative opportunities for the tactical defender.
Newcastle tactic

Final: the castle wall

  • Pulling his signature shield from his back, Newcastle leaps into action and slams the shield into the ground activating the construction of a massive fortress to give him and his allies a strong defensive position. Enemies in its path are knocked back and those who try to pass through the energized wall are punished and slowed.
  • While Newcastle can jump great distances in a single jump with his Ultimate, he is even stronger when used to regroup. When targeting an ally, Newcastle can jump higher and farther than normal, allowing him to heroically reach his partner and turn the tide of a fight.
the latest in newcastle

Storm Point Map Changes

Tropical Apex Legends BR’s Storm Point map is also getting some changes in Season 13. After leaks and teasers, the Saviors trailer revealed a battle between the Legends and a massive sea monster to which the Legends were victorious.

This sea monster will now be part of the map as the “Beast Taken Down”. Players will be able to get inside the corpse of the sea monster, as well as on top of it and the building around it.

Apex Legends within the downed beast POI storm point

Season 13 trailers have also revealed the new IMC and Specter AI Armories that will be on the Storm Point map. These buildings will allow players to get some great loot, but not without a challenge.

If you want to learn more about the map updates, check out our guide on all the changes coming to Storm Point in Season 13.

Map rotation for Season 13

The maps that will be in rotation will also change for Apex Legends Season 13. There will be three maps in rotation for pubs and two for Ranked.

Kings Canyon going on hiatus for season 13leaving the following maps in rotation:

  • edge of the world
  • Olympus
  • storm point

As for the Ranked Leagues, Storm Point will be the Tier 1 map, and while it hasn’t been confirmed, we expect World’s Edge to be the Ranked Tier 2 map in Season 13.

Replicator Changes

storm dot map

Apex Legends Season 13 is bringing some interesting changes to the Replicator, changing some of the options players will have when crafting.

In Season 12, we saw weapons put on the Replicator for the first time, the Flatline and the Longbow. Now, in Season 13, we’re seeing two different weapons enter the Replicator, bringing the Flatline and Longbow back to floor loot.

According to an image of Blog about Storm Point map changes, the R-301 and Rampage will go into the Replicator for Season 13, which means players will only be able to get these weapons by crafting them, as they will be looted.

classified reloaded

apex legends ranked reloaded

Apex Legends Season 13: Salvador will also bring changes to Ranked Leagues in the patch notes.

Season 12 has seen a lot of complaints as players felt the ranking system had gotten a lot worse. Fortunately, it looks like the developers have been listening and will be bringing some changes to the competitive space in Season 13:

“Rise and fall through the ranks together in a reworked ranking system that rewards teamwork and skill.”

As more information about this mode is released, we will update this piece, so stay tuned.


control apex legends mad maggie

Season 13 may also bring some new LTM modes, like the recently leaked Uplink mode. Also, recently, an Apex Legends developer teased a Season 0 LTM that would bring back the OG Kings Canyon map, base characters, and also base weapons with their original stats.

Apart from that, we will see the return of all the current modes, so Battle Royale, Arenas and Ranked Leagues for both.

When more information about new modes is released, we will update this article.


apex legends season 13 fuse and mad maggie battle pass skins

In addition to a new Saviors Battle Pass, Apex Legends Season 13 will also bring new events to the game. Season 12 brought new Prestige Skins through the Anniversary Collection Event and a Relic with the Warrior Collection Event in the same season, however this might have been just one time.

We’ll likely only see one collection and themed event for Season 13, bringing a Heirloom and Prestige skin in the latter. This is currently just speculation, so as more information is released we will update this article accordingly.

That’s all we currently know about Apex Legends Season 13. As more news and information about the content and release date is released, we’ll be sure to update this article, so check back soon.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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