Resident Evil 9 may bring back Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 9 may bring back Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 9 is a chance for Capcom to bring back Jill Valentine, and it should give her an espionage role similar to that of Ada Wong.

Little is known about what awaits players in Resident Evil 9, but he should definitely bring Jill Valentine back. The setting, the villains, and even if RE 9 will have a third or first person point of view remains a mystery. Players may find themselves exploring more of Eastern Europe or being introduced to another location; they can take on the role of a familiar character or find an entirely different cast. The lack of information about Resident Evil 9 it leaves a lot of room for wild speculation and hope for what fans want to see. Whether the latest biohazard threat is a new variant of the T-Virus or the continuing story of mold, it’s time for Capcom to bring Jill Valentine back into the fray.


When resident Evil was released in 1996, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield took the lead roles in this game that would help define the survival horror genre. Although both characters would appear in later resident Evil titles, Jill Valentine disappears from the franchise timeline after the events in Kijuju of resident bad 5. Meanwhile, Chris Redfield has continued to appear in recent games, including Resident Evil Village, however, he never mentions his former partner after he rescues her from Albert Wesker, despite having gone to great lengths to find her and free her from his control. As far as the game universe is concerned, it seems that Jill Valentine is no more.

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Capcom should bring back Jill Valentine Resident Evil 9 as an Ada Wong-type character who works for the BSAA. While Ada Wong’s allegiances are often unclear, Jill has been against the creation and use of biological weapons since her first encounter with the T-Virus at Spencer Mansion. Files found around the levels of resident bad 5 tell the player that Jill has been working alone during her time on Kijuju, albeit under Wesker’s orders, so she would be used to handling solo missions, and that would be valuable in helping the BSAA gather information on potential threats. Jill has the skills to accomplish solo missions, as she escaped Raccoon City with Nemesis in pursuit, and would put her lockpicking skills to good use. Instead of being in hiding because Capcom isn’t sure where to take her story, Jill could become the strong female lead in Resident Evil 9 the franchise is missing.

How Resident Evil 9 Should Change Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine points a gun in Resident Evil 3 Cropped

Using Jill as the lead in Resident Evil 9 it would allow Capcom to take their franchise in a new direction. Recent titles have focused heavily on male characters, such as Ada Wong’s appearance in Resident Evil Village was scrapped, but Resident Evil 9 it is the perfect opportunity to bring a feminine approach. What resident Evil titles vary in their balance of action and horror elements, putting Jill in the lead could turn the genre into a mix of stealth and horror.

Jill Valentine is overdue for her return to resident Evil. There are signs that Chris Redfield is unhappy with some of the BSAA’s actions in Resident Evil Village. If Chris decides to work against the BSAA while Jill works for them similar to Ada Wong, then Resident Evil 9 he could face them as enemies, only this time it would be without the excuse that Wesker controlled Jill’s actions.

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