Resident Evil 8: All Weapons Ranked

Resident Evil 8: All Weapons Ranked

Resident Evil Village it was a great addition to the franchise known for its terrifying new monster designs and boss fights. It has a great mix of storytelling and fighting different types of enemies and also gives fans some new weapons to play with.

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From Lycans to Haulers, Ethan Winters must overcome many obstacles to get to his daughter. And with so many enemies and bosses to defeat, he needs the best weapons that have a lot of power behind them.

10 Samurai Edge-AW Model 01

Each weapon has its advantages and its flaws. There is never a perfect weapon as they all have flaws. And one good thing about Samurai Edge is the power behind it.

While it’s the go-to starting weapon to help players survive the first section of this popular horror game, the LEMI is a great weapon. But Samurai Edge has more power, which makes it a bit more effective. The LEMI, while useful, only has a power amount of 100. But once the player obtains the Samurai Edge, they are more likely to use it due to its 110 power. However, the main disadvantage of this weapon is is that it is only obtainable as part of a DLC.

9 V61 custom

With upgrades that give it a nice boost, the V61 Custom can be a great weapon of choice. And luckily, the player can get it from the Duke’s shop in the Heisenberg factory.

This pistol has three customizable parts that help increase its amount of power already to 200, decrease recoil, and increase ammo capacity. So if the player does not want to buy the DLC, the next best weapon to go for is the V61 Custom. It’s a great choice for gamers and it’s fun to use too!



With a power rating of 217, the USM-AI is a great option for players to grab when they need to take down enemies. But there is a drawback that can deter players.

While it is a good weapon, the player can only get it after beating the game for the first time. The player will need to purchase it using 20,000 CP and then purchase it again through the Duke store. Or, players can enjoy the moment of using the weapon through one of the fan favorites. resident Evil characters, Chris Redfield, after defeating Heisenberg. It all depends on whether the player is satisfied with playing the role of Chris, which is not for long, or whether he is willing to play the game a second time.

7 Dragon

The Dragon is a fun weapon to use against Lycans. And with its power of 350 and ammo capacity of 30, it’s a tempting option, but there’s a bit of a problem if the player wants this weapon.

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Like the USM-AI, it can only be obtained after beating the game and buying it for 30,000 CP. This makes it possible for players to purchase it from the Duke store, or the player can take a moment to appreciate the design and the fun of wearing it by playing Chris as the endgame draws closer every second.

6 M1897

Are you itching to grab a shotgun to take down enemies? Fortunately, the M1897 is here for players early in the game! The M1897 can be found in one of the houses the player is sheltering in while the first attack is happening.

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And if the player loses the weapon during this, they can buy it from the Duke store. And with a power of 560, plus upgrades to buy, gaming can’t go wrong.

5 F2 rifle

Do you enjoy scouting enemies and getting headshots from a distance? A good rifle is needed for such an occasion. Using the F2 rifle is great for a long range headshot. To obtain this weapon, the player must climb into the attic above the workshop in the castle belonging to the urban legend-inspired game character, Lady Dimitrescu.

And even though this weapon has a power amount of 600, the reload time is slow so its reload rate is 2. Upgrades are great for player-earned weapons, but to make sure the player gets the best use of the F2 rifle. it is highly recommended to get the updates as soon as possible to increase the reload speed.

4 CT W870

While it’s not the best shotgun available, it’s still a valuable weapon that can and should be used. And with the amount of power behind it in a 760, it’s worth the investment.

To obtain this shotgun, the player will need to travel to a small house in the garden that leads to Casa Benevent. The W870 TAC can be easily upgraded during the story, and is a great weapon to have on hand. One thing that is recommended for players is to position the stock and foregrip to help decrease the amount of recoil and increase the rate of fire. It is also very important to avoid bad survival game habits and not overlook shotgun ammo.

3 GM 79

Are you surrounded by a horde of enemies and don’t want to waste a lot of ammo? GM 79 is here to help. With the amount of power set to 1200, the GM 79 is a grenade launcher that is a great weapon to have on hand.

In order for players to get their hands on this powerful weapon, they will need to enter a small room north of East Old Town marked Waterwheel Weapon. While powerful, it has a slow reload time and it is recommended that players reload it after firing it and not after realizing it is empty.

two SYG-12

Shotguns are a must in any resident Evil game because of the power they have behind them. And having a semi-automatic shotgun in RE8 can be a lot of fun.

The SYG-12 is a large shotgun with a power of 1600 that is obtained after entering the Heisenberg factory from the Duke store. It is also very useful against Soldat Eins, Soldat Zwei, and Haulers by taking out heads or red pieces. The downside to this weapon is the reload time, and even upgrades don’t help much. So to make good use of this weapon, players need to put some distance between themselves and the enemy they are facing.

one TO BET

A weapon with a total power of 2000 is a must. However, while it is a great weapon, one particular drawback can affect whether or not the player wants it.

The STAKE has a decent reload time and has a good rate of fire behind it. It’s a great weapon to add to Ethan’s arsenal, offering an amount of power that can push enemies back and keep them at bay. Bosses take slightly longer to take down than their minions, as is the law of video games. But when it comes to getting it, the player must first finish the game and then get it from the Duke’s shop before entering Dimitrescu Castle.

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