PS1 games are more likely to come to the new PS Plus

PS1 games are more likely to come to the new PS Plus

The next PlayStation Plus Premium PlayStation Plus level will make hundreds of PS1, PS2 and PSP games available on PS4 and PS5. At the time of writing, Sony has yet to announce which games will be added to the new PlayStation Plus service, but some potential names have already been leaked, and there are some Sony-owned properties that are almost guaranteed to be added. The PS1 has a stacked library of awesome games that could make it to PlayStation Plus Premium and an awesome lineup could convince a lot of people to sign up for the service.

The entire PlayStation Plus model will be reworked in May and June, and PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be merged into one. The service will be divided into three tiers: PlayStation Plus Essential will replace PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Plus Extra will replace PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Plus Premium will add retro consoles to the service. PlayStation Plus Extra will add PS4 and PS5 games to its lineup, and it already has PS3 games available via streaming, so PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will have access to games from all Sony systems except PS Vita, which could get. in a future update.


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The new version of PlayStation Plus will be released soon, but Sony has not announced any of the retro games that will be added to PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony has revealed that 340 games will be added, meaning there will be over a hundred games for each of the three retro systems, but no names have been given. There are some obvious games likely to be added to Sony’s PS1 lineup in PlayStation Plus Premium, while recent leaks have hinted at third-party titles that could be coming.

Sony’s own titles are likely to come to PlayStation Plus Premium

Twisted Metal New Game TV Series Report

By far the most likely PS1 games to make their way to PlayStation Plus Premium are those that Sony owns all the rights to. These include the twisted metal Serie, the Jumping Flash! games, the Clean series, the destruction derby Serie, PaRappa the rapper Y Umm Jammer Lammy, kurushithe police g Serie, The water!the grand tourer series, the lemmings series, the MediEvil games, the escape of the monkeysthe colony wars games, and the legend of the dragon. Some of these games may be hampered by the fact that they have remakes available for sale on the PlayStation Store, but Sony could decide that it would prefer to have as many titles on this new service as possible at launch.

Bandai Namco games can reach PlayStation Plus Premium (according to leaks)

Tekken 2 PlayStation Cover

The new PlayStation Plus service needs great games to survive. The big question regarding PlayStation Plus Premium involves the third-party publishers that were the backbone of the PlayStation lineup of systems for the longest time. If Sony can bring in the likes of Capcom, Square Enix, and Konami, then it will have a huge library of titles to add to the service. The ability to throw away the old. Final Fantasy Y resident Evil games on the service, along with titles like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Y solid metal gear It will be a great attraction.

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It looks like Sony has at least one third-party editor on board, and it’s a big one. It was recently revealed that PS1 and PSP games were added to PSN before the launch of PlayStation Plus Premium, with internal ID numbers and covers. those games were Tekken-2 Y mr driller for the ps1 and Ridge Racers 2 for the PSP. This means that Sony has Bandai Namco on board, and that can lead to a number of interesting games, especially Tekken 3, which was one of the best games on the system. If Bandai Namco is on board, that means games like soul edge/soul bladethe ridge runner games, star blade, fantasy tales, tales of fate, dragon valueand the ps1 pac-man games could be on the way. Bandai published many individual games on PS1, but they were mostly licensed titles based on anime and manga, and most never left Japan, making them less likely to appear on PlayStation Plus Premium.

PlayStation Plus Premium can get the Worms games (according to leaks)


Later Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2Y mr driller were added to the PSN backend, they were joined by two other games: Armageddon Worms Y world worm party. At the time of writing, these are the only five games that have been added. Now that PlayStation Plus apparently has worms games, suggests that Team17 is on board, which means that the original worms Y x2 could come to the service too. there was also worms games released on PS2 and PSP that could come to PlayStation Plus Premium in the future. It is worth mentioning that the two worms The games mentioned above were not included in the selection of PSone Classics on PS3, unlike Tekken 2 Y mr drillerso this suggests that Sony isn’t just copying those games to the new service, as some had theorized.

PlayStation Plus Premium could get the Siphon Filter trilogy

Siphon Filter 3 Art

In terms of more concrete evidence about upcoming PlayStation Plus Premium games: There was a recent age rating list that may confirm some of the games coming to the service. There were several entries in the siphon filter series rated for PS4/PS5 in Korea, including siphon filter Y siphon filter 2 for the PS1, and Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror Y Logan’s Shadow Siphon Filter for the PSP/PS2. The siphon filter The franchise is owned by Sony, so there was always a strong chance it would appear on PlayStation Plus Premium, and the age rating is just stronger confirmation.

What is unusual about the age rating is that two of the siphon filter missing games: siphon filter 3 for the ps1 and Siphon Filter: The Omega Variety for the PS2. It’s unclear if this is an oversight, or if Sony plans to gradually add some games to PlayStation Plus Premium over time, to entice people to re-subscribe. This is the same approach used for retro gaming on Nintendo Switch Online, which has been slowly adding games since launch, as well as adding older consoles to the lineup. Fans won’t have to wait long to find out more, as PlayStation Plus Premium It will launch in May, but only in select countries in Asia, but Sony should reveal the full lineup of retro games soon.

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