Warzone’s Operation Monarch could signal a new direction for the game

Warzone’s Operation Monarch could signal a new direction for the game

call of duty: war zone has proven to be a resounding success for Activision, firmly establishing itself in the upper echelon of the saturated battle royale shooter market. With its lucrative formula and consistently large player base, war zone it has seemingly become a huge focus of the wider franchise.

Like any live service game, new content must be added to the game periodically. call of duty: war zone in an attempt to keep the game fresh, with seasonal updates being common. Given that Season 3 was recently released for the game, the introduction of the impending Operation Monarch could completely rewrite how the popular battle royale will deliver new content going forward.


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How Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation Monarch will work

Operation Monarch will be the main event of season 3 of call of duty: war zone. Scheduled to kick off on May 11, Operation Monarch will likely run for at least two weeks as a live in-game event, helping drive the Season 3 narrative in an ongoing and interactive way.

In what is a bold step for the game, Operation Monarch will see the latest war zone map Caldera as the scene of an epic fight between two of the most iconic monsters in popular culture: Godzilla and King Kong. While the exact details of what this interactive live event will contain are currently unknown, the sight of having to navigate a map while avoiding the warpath of two Titan monsters already has fans excited to participate. The Operation Monarch playlist is set to be a four-player squad mode, speaking more to the chaos and scale the event will foster amongst friends.

Seemingly, Operation Monarch will tell most of the Season 3 narrative, with the newly introduced operators in call of duty: war zone all being members of the efficient and lethal Task Force Harpy. As a trailer for these operators ends with a sneak peek suggesting that the testing of prototype weapons at Caldera led to the awakening of Godzilla, it’s clear that Operation Monarch will be a must-have to convey the larger story of Season 3: Weapons Classified.

Operation Monarch could signal a new direction for Warzone

Operation Monarch may be even more pivotal as the first of its kind to call of duty: war zone. While not unique relative to other games, Operation Monarch will be the first fully interactive live event within war zonewhich will tell a narrative focused on the in-game experience rather than a traditional reliance on cutscenes absorbed outside of the game.

While the many previous seasons war zone has already experienced have proven to be successful in their own right, it is a formula that many will be happy to see change. Telling a narrative through single cutscenes that act to set up the contents of that season’s corresponding battle pass doesn’t encourage much fan investment and engagement. Fully interactive events are much better in this regard.

To get an idea of ​​how big this change could be for war zonefans just need to look up Fortnite. For some time, Fortnite has pioneered the concept of live events in the Battle Royale genre, with resounding success. Fortnite it now tells the vast majority of its pertinent seasonal narratives through live events, which see large cataclysmic events that often alter the game’s map in real time. This often feels more personal and tangible to players, while also acting as a physical indicator of the end of a season.

Now that this is a tactic used by war zone for the narrative of season 3, it may be so war zone will tell its seasonal narratives for the foreseeable future. In addition to telling stories, war zone you can also hold unique events in the form of limited crossovers in line with the way you Fortnite periodically holds in-game concerts, expanding the variety and scope of content that war zone You can deliver.

call of duty: war zone It is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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