Things to look forward to in the next update

Things to look forward to in the next update

There is no doubt that Minecraft has built a fan base of its own over the years. The game is played in almost every country in the world by people of all ages. What makes Minecraft an all-time hit is the exciting and immersive updates that the development team brings to users on a regular basis. The last 1.18 update It was a huge hit in the community. After this, the excitement and expectations for the next Savage Minecraft Update 1.19 they have only been duplicated. The next update 1.19 will be implemented for both Minecraft Java Y base editions.

What does the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 Wild update have in store?

Unlike the previous 1.18 update, the new 1.19 update will focus entirely on improving the functionality of the game. renewing the biomesand adding special towns. This is everything we know about the update:

New Biomes in Update 1.19 Wild

The first of the new update 1.19 is the introduction of New Biomes to the game. According to Minecraft, they will introduce two new biomes in the game.

Minecraft 1.19
Mangrove Swamp (Image via Mojang Studios)

In addition to the two new confirmed biomes, the wild update will also improve existing biomes in the game.

New Structure in Update 1.19 Wild

The Minecraft development team is introducing a new structure to the game. This structure is known as Old City and players can get rare loot chests, Minecraft ore, and new blocks in the ‘Old City’ structure that is part of the deep dark biome.

Minecraft 1.19
Ancient Village (Image via Mojang Studios)

Apart from this, as the main goal of the update suggests, the existing biomes in the game will be revamped and new villages will be added to the game if all goes according to plan. Leaks suggest that the new villages would be jungle village Y swamp town.

  • jungle village: Existing Jungle Villager models will receive a new village and their spawn will be implemented in-game.
  • Swamp Village: Existing swamp dwellers could get a new hometown in the new 1.19 Wild update.

New mobs in update 1.19 Wild

According to the leaks, the 1.19 Wild update will have a lot of new Mobs introduced to the game. desert, swamp, Y savannah biomes that do not have an exclusive biome in the game can see new Mobs introduced in each of them. As of now, Minecraft has only confirmed a few mobs, and here’s the list:

  • fireflies
  • tadpoles
  • Relieve
  • frogs
  • Guardian
Minecraft 1.19
Image via Mojang Studios

Functionality improvements in the 1.19 Wild update

In addition to the new biomes, structures, and mobs, the 1.19 Wild update also focuses on functionality improvements in the game. This brings many new features to the game, but there has been no official information about the new features, some features have been confirmed by Minecraft, they are:

  • Cheat with Barco: This feature will allow players to carry their inventory on a boat while traveling on the water.
  • Hidden blocks: Skulk Blocks from the deep and dark biome will be compatible with Redstone builds and can act as alarms and security systems.
  • Mud blocks and bricks: Mud blocks and bricks can be used as an alternative material to build in-game houses in Minecraft after the 1.19 Wild update.
  • frog lights: Frog lights are new light blocks with three variants that can be spawned using frogs.

Players can try out the new features in Wild Update 1.19 before everyone else by signing up for the Minecraft Beta program. The new 1.19 could be implemented in the end of the second quarter of this yearand since the update has a lot of new things involved, the update could be rolled out in two stages, Part I Y Part I. Users can stay up to date on all information by visiting the minecraft official website or by following social media handles.

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