The underrated Marvel and DC characters Fortnite needs to add next

The underrated Marvel and DC characters Fortnite needs to add next

Fortnite can capitalize on some of Marvel and DC’s most underrated characters, adding skins for some of comics’ underrepresented heroes and villains. While some gamers would agree that it’s wrong for Marvel and DC characters to be in FortniteWith the use of the game’s weapons undermining some of its characters and leaving their unique powers unused, these crossovers have a benefit. Comics are a very crowded medium, with hundreds of heroes and villains spearheading their own stories, each with unique powers, backstories, and relationships. As such, each of these characters is someone’s favorite. While certain characters are more popular than others, even lesser-known ones often have a devoted following, and many have starred in their own acclaimed comic book story arcs.


Due to the diversity of comic book rosters, there are plenty of opportunities to do crossovers that work well. While characters like the Hulk are not playable in Fortnite, other heroes fit much better. For example, Black Widow (who is an expert in firearms) fits in perfectly with the rest of Fortnite armed list. Since popular heroes such as Batman and Spider-Man often disagree with their characters by shooting Fortnite weapons, it leaves Epic Games with the perfect opportunity to explore some of the superhero genre’s lesser-used characters. There are dozens of beloved characters who rarely (if ever) make their way into video games as playable characters, often because developers aren’t sure if an expensive game surrounding a lesser-known character (even one with a cult following) it will be sold.

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With the recent addition of an unlockable Doctor Strange in FortniteIt looks like in-game comic crossovers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With many of the most popular Marvel and DC characters either already in the game or simply not working as a playable skin, it’s time for Epic Games to look into some of the lesser used comic book heroes, antiheroes, and villains. that would fit perfectly in the game. Doing so could not only give Fortnite players an interesting surprise, but it could also convince hardcore fans of the characters to try Fortnite out, especially since his favorite character is rarely playable in anything else.

DC Bounty Hunter Jonah Hex can avenge the innocent in Fortnite

Jonah Hex standing in front of the fire - DC Comics

Josh Brolin has portrayed several comic book characters that have appeared in Fortnite, including X-Force’s Cable and Avengers villain Thanos, but one of his most neglected characters is long overdue for a playable appearance. Jonah Hex first appeared in 1972 Western All-Star #10 and has headlined several of his own comic book series and a movie, as well as playing a role on the CW. legends of tomorrow. Not a hero in the traditional sense, Jonah Hex started out as a Confederate deserter during the American Civil War. After deserting his regiment, having become disillusioned with the Confederate cause, Jonah Hex dedicated himself to a life of bounty hunting. While he worked for money, Jonah’s personal code would not allow him to harm the innocent, instead he would choose to hunt down those he believed deserved it.

Jonah Hex can also take on Batman in Fortnite, reflecting one of the most popular comic book stories of the character. Noble Hex, the limited series saw Jonah Hex being pulled into the 21st century. He is eventually hired by a criminal gang to hunt down Batman, before the two realize they are on the same side. Jonah Hex is also perfect for Fortnite shooting game. As a bounty hunter and former soldier, Jonah Hex could easily become familiar with Fortnitewide range of firearms. This could help make Jonah Hex feel more natural within the game than characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, who wouldn’t use the weapons they Fortnite offers

Sam Wilson may be Fortnite’s next Captain America

Sam Wilson Captain America Symbol of Truth Marvel Comics

While Sam Wilson, better known as Falcon, is playable in surprisingly few games. While it has often been rumored that he will join marvel avengers‘ as a DLC hero, recent leaks seem to indicate that won’t be the case, at least not in the near future. It’s surprising how often Sam Wilson gets overlooked in video games, especially considering he’s played a major role in the MCU since his introduction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. His role has only grown over time, and the character eventually took on the mantle of Captain America (mirroring his comic arc) following Steve Rogers’ retirement and starring in his own show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

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Fortnite you can take advantage of the new role of Sam Wilson by adding the character as Falcon and Captain America. While FortniteMarvel crossovers are getting boring, Sam Wilson is a unique character and popular enough to warrant being added as a playable skin. Not only is Sam a great representation of the MCU’s next wave of Avengers, but his abilities would also make him exciting to watch in the game. Since gliders are an important part of FortniteIn the Sam Wilson gameplay, Sam Wilson’s mechanical Falcon wings (which he still uses as Captain America) would be a fun built-in glider, allowing him to fly through FortniteThe island with style. Leaning on his comedic roots, it might also be fun to see his trusty hawk, Redwing, as a pet.

DC’s Doctor Fate can take on Doctor Strange in Fortnite

Doctor Strange was recently added to Fortnite, but his DC counterpart may be the most interesting option to join the game. Doctor Fate was first introduced in 1940 More Funny Comics #55, predating Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme by many years. Kent Nelson first became Doctor Fate when he and his father discovered an ancient tomb belonging to the Mesopotamian deity, Nabu. Though Kent’s father was killed by the tomb’s poisonous gases, Nabu took Kent in and trained him in the mystic arts and transformed him into Doctor Fate, one of the world’s greatest sorcerers. Since then, the character has appeared in both the DC Animated Universe and the Young Justice animated series, with a big screen appearance in the DCEU next in line.

Since both Doctor Strange and Moon Knight recently teamed up fortnite, it would be interesting to see his oft-overlooked DC counterpart also make a playable appearance, where players can pit him against the avatar of Khonshu and the Sorcerer Supreme. With Pierce Brosnan set to appear as Doctor Fate in the upcoming black adam movie, the character’s popularity will likely be on the rise, and fans may be eager for the chance to play him, along with several other overlooked comic book heroes, in Fortnite.

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