Minecraft Endermen Create Chaotic Mosaic In April Fool’s Snapshot

Minecraft Endermen Create Chaotic Mosaic In April Fool’s Snapshot

The Minecraft April Fool’s Snapshot made a lot of weird tweaks to the survival sandbox, but one very colorful change was kept under wraps until now.

the recent Minecraft April Fool’s Snapshot allows the Endermen to spawn with any block, allowing the elusive creatures to turn The End into a vibrant landscape of color. Mojang’s survival sandbox title was released in 2009, but the developer continues to support the game through regular updates and expansions. This years Minecraft The April Fools update humorously tweaked the rules of the game, but one unusual change was kept under wraps.

While Minecraft has received many royal updates over the years, the title’s most recent snapshot is instead a tongue-in-cheek celebration of April Fools’ Day 2022. The compilation, known as the “One Block at a Time” snapshot, removes Lots of survival sim quality of life features to get things back to basics. Minecraft The experience-based progression system and item enchantment mechanic, which were added relatively late in the game’s life, are removed entirely. However, the April Fool’s update also removes the game’s core inventory system, making the title virtually unplayable. Although many gamers find humor in things like a Minecraft Multishot frog charm, Mojang has now had fun at the expense of fans.


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While the April Fool’s update made a lot of weird changes to Minecraftreddit user minerdomera recently discovered another unlisted change hidden in the snapshot. The game’s unsettling Endermen can usually be found carrying blocks, but in the quirky new snapshot they can appear carrying any block. This means that blocks of various materials and colors will be randomly placed around a player’s world, with the gloomy dimension of The End slowly transforming into a mosaic of garish colors. The joke is about the Enderdragon, in this case.

Minecraft Enderman April Fool's Reddit Post

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Mojang had a lot of fun with the Minecraft player base on April Fools’ Day, and many other developers celebrated in similarly bizarre ways. An Among us The April Fool’s joke, for example, saw the introduction of Horse Mode as a lengthy and hilarious reference to an April Fools’ Day 2021 joke. The exclusive mode, available for one day only, allowed players to take control of Four-legged horsemates instead of the typical crewmates of the beloved title. While the traditional Among us The game of social deduction was unchanged, the event was an awesome throwback to a hilarious April Fool’s gag from last year.

April Fools’ Day is a celebration of silliness and humor, and Mojang’s Minecraft instant managed to deliver both. While removing inventory from the game was a strange decision, letting the Endermen create beautiful artwork was another surprising twist on the typical sandbox survival experience. While this Ender Art is only possible in the April Fool’s snapshot, it demonstrates the innate beauty of the terrifyingly violent. Minecraft monster.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Minerdomera/Reddit

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