what to do with the snow

what to do with the snow

Winter may not always be the most fun or wacky time of year after the holiday season, but it can be in the virtual sandbox known as Minecraft. While there are plenty of lush and diverse places to explore, one of the most joyful takes the form of winter-themed landscapes, which are riddled with snow-capped mountains and trees.

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These are fun to behold and traverse, but they also make way for a nearly endless supply of usable snow. Ironically, however, it is not always obvious what snow can be used for despite its abundance in Minecraft. In fact, there are a number of fun and even useful things that snow can be used for Minecraft.

8 Put out fires

This feature primarily applies to Powered Snow, which was added via a late 2020 update. Use a bucket to collect powder snow snowy mountains, as well as slopes and grove biomes, or place a cauldron while it’s snowing and wait a bit.

This will eventually produce collectible powder snow, which can then be used by the player. Throwing some powder snow on fires can extinguish them fairly quickly and can be very useful in the Nether, as there is no shortage of them.

It should be noted, however, that while normal snow and snowballs do not put out most fires, they are capable of extinguishing fires that set the player himself on fire. This is useful when adventuring through lava-laden caves or the Nether, as players can drop a snow block and run through it to neutralize it.


7 A quick way to break one’s fall

Snow can be a nifty natural safety net or buffer when traveling, as falling on it will soften the blow and prevent some damage. This is especially a good tool after the Caves and Cliffs update, which has even more open pits and higher peaks.

Players can simply aim for snowy areas when launching to break their fall, or they can drop some snow on the landing zone relatively easily, as long as the fall isn’t too big.

6 Create snow traps

Snow can be used as a subtle yet effective way to slow down mobs and can even be used for cheeky traps. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one of the simplest is to cut a hole in the ground and place a magma block inside.

Then simply put a layer of snow (not a block of snow) on top. The magma block is now hidden and has the same burning effect, so players and mobs can be drawn to walk on it. This technique can be developed and expanded in more creative ways, but this is the simplest means of making a snow trap.

Powered Snow can also be used, and more effectively, to trap mobs and players in its own way. Unlike snow, which acts as a kind of false collapsible floor, powder snow can be used as a way to slow down and interrupt mobs.

5 Decoration and Aesthetic Purposes

For simpler, yet fun action, snow can be used as a simple, natural means of adding atmosphere and character to bases or other preferred areas.

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Snow can be added to slopes, treetops, and ground areas to add a bit of winter cheer and a decorative touch. In a game that emphasizes creativity and building, this can be significant. After all, this virtual sandbox should not only be fun to play, but also enjoyable to watch.

4 Use snowballs to defeat the llamas

snowballs, like powdered snow, it is another variant of snow, which comes with its own range of uses (few though they may be). They can be obtained by puncturing snow blocks or snow caps with a shovel.

While snow in its normal form does little to deter mobs, it can at least interrupt them when thrown in snowball form. Players can get creative and pummel enemies into elevated areas. This will knock them off their feet and potentially cause them to fall to their doom if they are close to the edge.

But more importantly, players can take them on their trips to the Nether as a secondary weapon against calls. Yes, throwing snowballs at these ferocious enemies will actually damage them and eventually make them extinct. Specifically, it is needed Seven snowballs to defeat a Blaze.

3 Hide an entrance to a hidden area

Snow can be placed to fill gaps as a sneaky hidden trap, but similarly, it can be used to hide entrances to secret locations.

Players can get quite creative here, using these snow-covered paths as a way to further conceal a hidden bunker or hearth structure. As long as mobs or players aren’t carrying torches while roaming nearby, this is a great way to stay out of sight already covered.

two Craft Snow Golems

Both fun to look at and useful in practice, Snow Golems are one of the best and most fun things to invent with snow. Just like Frosty the Snowman after getting the magic hat from him, these snowmen will come to life when built. Not only this, but they will really work to protect and fight for the player.

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To make one, simply stack two blocks of snow, and add a pumpkin, carved pumpkin, or jack o’lantern above the row. While they won’t follow the player into battle, they can serve as a good deterrent to mobs in a home region, as they will fend off mobs in their vicinity.

one make a snow farm

Players can take their Snow Golem summon a step further with this cheat, assuming they’re willing to put in the extra time and have the necessary parts. By using:

  • 20 blocks (12 temporary and 8 building blocks)

  • 4 glass panes

  • 1 slab

  • 2 redstone dust

  • 1 lever

  • 1 piston

  • 2 scaffolding

  • 1 snow golem

By doing this, players can trap a Snow Golem in a confined space and push it to get a ready source of snow caps. youtuber and Minecraft player Shulkercraft goes into great detail in this tutorial..

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