Top 10 Worst Survival Gaming Habits Most Gamers Have

Top 10 Worst Survival Gaming Habits Most Gamers Have

The survival genre is interesting to gamers because it includes everything from titles that focus on hunting, action, adventure, and horror elements. franchises like resident Evil have contributed to skyrocketing these types of titles to mainstream popularity. However, players have developed bad habits during their games that go against the spirit of survival games.

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These range from padding the map to fighting enemies in ways the developers hadn’t anticipated. Whether it’s a zombie survival series like resident Evilopen world survival as no man’s skyor direct survival titles such as subnauticsplayers have habits that need to be removed from their style of play.


Do not focus the camera on the protagonist

Running from a zombie in Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Survival games carry a sense of paranoia for players because they don’t know where an attack might come from. This is the case for recent and classic games like Silent Hill, even if it still holds. Players tend to move the camera around to anticipate an enemy’s arrival.

It’s not a great habit because centering the camera on the protagonist is actually a much better technique. This is because it offers a view of the character’s surroundings, while moving the camera around all the time creates blind spots and can lead to startles or one-hit kills.

Having a hard time adjusting to the controls of a new character

Leon and Claire running away in Resident Evil 2

Even if it’s a franchise like resident Evil with fully established characters, players tend to have trouble adjusting to different playable protagonists. Multi-character survival titles often have different skill sets that are meant to enhance the experience, but can have the opposite effects.

Players can get used to a certain style of play and feel let down when characters change. This has been evident in games like resident evil 2 where Leon is a stronger character while Claire is faster – fans have a habit of choosing one when the real way to go is to play both characters’ campaigns.

save too often

Leon next to a typewriter in Resident Evil 2

Paranoia in a survival game can affect players in more ways than one, and a side effect is that many fans end up saving all the time. While there’s nothing stopping them from doing it, it can become a habit that’s hard to break, and missions without a save option can be frustrating.

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It’s best to avoid saving too often because it keeps the action intense without giving players a sense of security. Additionally, players may end up confusing their own walkthroughs when saving the game during backtracking; this usually leads to players giving up and revisiting walkthroughs to help them out.

Going back around the map

Astronaut next to a ship in No Man's Sky

This is something that has become a habit for open world gamers as well, as it’s hard to get rid of backtracking when there’s a huge map to explore. survival games like no man’s sky they have large environments, which are fun to watch until players end up navigating the same area multiple times.

Pushback is the result of players’ tendency to initially speed through new areas, only to realize they have left items behind. This can become a tedious part of the game, because going through places you’ve seen before isn’t exactly exciting.

Play mostly on the easiest difficulty

A man in an apartment in Silent Hill 2

This is an aspect that is mostly seen in zombie survival horror games, where players can be intimidated by the difficulty levels. Players tend to go for the easiest setting when starting out for a fresher experience, but this takes away the challenge that comes with a survival title.

Games in this genre are meant to evoke some realism with how players find themselves in terrifying and desperate situations; therefore, playing on the easiest difficulty does not have the same effect. The bad habit kicks in when fans simply ignore the harder difficulties after finishing their initial game.

Stock up on health packs and bypass ammo

Green grass in Resident Evil 4

Survival games started out giving minimal health or ammo packs, but the genre has evolved to empower players. However, this has had the effect of players stocking up on health packs and considering weapons and ammo to be of less importance.

It leads to a mundane game where fighting enemies is largely about evading them or using weapons with lower firepower because players wouldn’t have upgraded their arsenal. Placing the health bar on top of everything is too safe and also goes against the general theme of survival.

Upgrade only the weapons that have the most firepower

Crafting Menu in Subnautica

survival games like subnautics and several others have fewer weapons on offer, which would ideally mean easy crafting due to a lack of options. However, players have a habit of concentrating on one or two weapons that they feel have the most firepower.

It’s a mindset that stems from the belief that having a weapon that packs a punch will make things easier, but survival games are generally about avoidance and strategy. Players can get frustrated when their preferred weapons have glaring weaknesses as the game progresses, but the ability to select seemingly powerful ammunition is hard for most to beat, even after that.

Ignore side quests

A man takes aim with a bow and arrow in Rust

Open world survival games like DayZ have a ton of material waiting to be discovered, only for most players to ignore it. The survival aspect of things discourages many players from looking for content outside of the main game and it’s a shame because they don’t get the full value of the product.

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Side quests may seem irrelevant when completing the main campaign, but skipping them also means players end their games without discovering all there is to see. Side quests in survival games also offer the opportunity to hone the player’s skills, but most don’t take this into consideration and ignore them entirely.

Ammo dump on bosses without using strategy

Jill fighting the last form of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3

resident Evil the games really up the ante when it comes to surviving through the climactic moments. Here, players have to deal with massive monsters with few weaknesses and many have a knee jerk reaction as they are content to shoot the bosses and hope they win.

Survival games can be more intellectually stimulating than other genres because bosses often have a certain strategy required to defeat them. Of course, playing on easier difficulties or simply sending out power moves can give players an advantage, but this habit doesn’t bring with it the satisfaction of taking down the boss the way it’s really intended.

Fighting enemies that can be avoided

A man points a gun at a man in the distance on Dayz

This usually happens to players who are in the habit of going back and playing on the easy difficulties. Although the option to fight is there, survival games are designed so that players understand when to engage enemies and when it’s wiser to back away.

Unfortunately, players can end up wasting ammo and time on enemies that have nothing to do with the outcome of the mission. These enemies divert players from the main objective, so fighting secondary enemies is something to avoid because it creates issues with health and ammo availability later on.

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