Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w13a Features Allay Mob From ‘The Wild Update’

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w13a Features Allay Mob From ‘The Wild Update’

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Beta ImageSource: Mojang Studies | Twitter

Just in time for the end of the month, Mojang Studios have released a new Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot for the week with new features from The Wild Update and the Java Edition debut of the lovable and helpful allay mob. Mojang Studios also included many technical updates and bug fixes in this version for players to explore.

Hot on the heels of the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta release, comes Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w13a as the latest addition to The Wild Update’s rapidly growing list of snapshots. In this release, allay mob finally appears in the legacy version of Minecraft, and he’s eager to be your friend, collect items similar to what he has, and fall in love with note blocks.

This snapshot also includes an updated version of the Ancient Cities, which can be located in the creepy Deep Dark biome, and many other changes and adjustments. Being one of the best games on PC comes with a lot of responsibility, and Mojang Studios makes sure that Minecraft: Java Edition is up to the task with regular updates and improvements.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Instant Java Edition 22w13a includes:

new features

  • Added Allay’s Mob
  • Ancient cities added


  • Allays will collect all surrounding items that match the item they have
  • Allies will like a player who delivers an item to them and will bring the items they collect to their favorite player.
  • If Allay hears a note block being played, that note block becomes Allay’s favorite note block for 30 seconds. The Allay will stay near that note block during that time and will bring collected items to the note block instead of the player.
  • Interacting with an Allay with an empty hand will remove the item the Allay has
  • Allies can be found at Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions

Old City

  • Wander the halls of these long-abandoned structures deep in the Deep Dark to discover some long-forgotten relics.
  • Ancient city structures spawn in the Deep Dark biome
  • In chests, protected by sculk and screech sensors, you can find the new Swift Sneaking enchantment.
  • You can also find a new mysterious block called Reinforced Deepslate here, which cannot be obtained in Survival
  • Mobs cannot spawn in Ancient Cities
  • Differences compared to the experimental snapshots:
    • Many adjustments have been made to the Old Cities, with new and modified structures.
    • Loot tables have been adjusted for old cities, including a separate loot table for “ice box” structures.


Recipes for minecart with chest/furnace/TNT/hopper are now shapeless When broken, each minecart variant drops as one item, instead of splitting into two items (like chest and minecart) Only wool and wool rugs now block out sounds coming from note blocks

technical changes

  • Aggregate kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst forward trigger
  • Sculk Shrieker Block State Changes
  • Renamed some game events


  • kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst
    • Triggers when a player kills an entity alongside Sculk Catalyst.
    • Terms:
    • player — a player for whom this trigger is executed
    • entity – a predicate for the entity that was killed
    • killing_blow – a predicate of how the entity was killed

howler sculk

  • Aggregate can_summon blockstate to the Sculk Shrieker that determines whether a Shrieker can summon a Guardian or not
  • Shriekers placed through worldgen will have can_summon set to true
  • When a Shrieker is placed or spawned via Sculk spread, can_summon is set to false

game events

  • Some in-game events have been renamed, with some of those changes to make them more grammatically consistent:
    • drinking_finish for drink
    • entity_killed for entity_die
    • entity_damaged for entity_damage
    • elytra_free_fall for elytra_glide
    • mob_interact for entity_interact
    • ravager_roar for entity_roar
    • wolf_shaking for entity_shake
  • The following events have collapsed into block_activate Y block_deactivate:
    • block_press
    • block_unpress
    • block_switch
    • block_unswitch
  • Other miscellaneous changes to game events:
    • ring_bell has been removed and replaced by block_change
    • Both shulker_open Y shulker_close have been removed in favor of using container_open Y container_close
    • fishing_rod_cast Y fishing_rod_reel_in have been renamed to item_interact_start Y item_interact_finish
    • Aggregate ignore_vibrations_on_occluding_block game event tag with post logic
    • entity_interact should be sent more often when interacting with multiple mobs

fixed bugs

  • The Z fight can be seen on the bottom of the frog legs.
  • Z-fight textures inside the frog’s mouth.
  • Frogs appear the wrong color in some biomes
  • Frogs are not required to be bred for the Two by Two advancement
  • Dispensing a tadpole cube dispenses the item, rather than water with a tadpole
  • Chest locks inside chest canisters are set a bit too high
  • Chested ships do not drop items contained in the chest when destroyed in Creative
  • GUI Scale is a slider instead of a button
  • Options have missing or untranslated names
  • The underside of Warden’s right arm is missing from warden_bioluminescent_layer texture
  • Game crash regarding guardian
  • Canisters with Chests are not grouped in the cookbook.
  • The chatScale option defaults to 0.0 instead of 1.0, which makes the chat disappear
  • Furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers won’t cook without fuel in the bottom slot, even if they’re already on
  • Four-legged mobs don’t sit properly in a chest boat
  • Guardians cannot pass over the rails

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