Fortnite leak teases Klombo’s return with an interesting twist

Fortnite leak teases Klombo’s return with an interesting twist

The popular battle royale game Fortnite has seen a lot of changes since its original release in 2017. The free-to-play title continues to receive updates and new content on a constant basis to keep fans engaged and coming back again and again. Each season also introduces a new story for players to take part in, usually including themed content, battle pass, and even NPCs to interact with.

While many are humanoid, Fortnite it has also included wildlife, monsters, and even sentient cubes, like one that fans referred to as “Kevin.” Back in Chapter 3, Season 1, Fortnite added a dinosaur-like creature called a Klombo, which would roam the map and could eat items given to it by players like a Klomberry to receive something in return. At the time, these creatures were unkillable, though attacking one caused it to rage for 30 seconds. Based on the latest leak, Klombos appear set to return, though this time Epic may have different ideas on how to use them.


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According to prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX, not only will Epic be bringing Klombos back in an upcoming season, but players will now be able to remove them during matches. Based on the information they found, Klombos will be able to drop 15 different types of loot ranging from ammo, materials, consumables, and possibly even weapons. It is unknown if these new Klombos are generally hostile towards players or if they will continue to roam around until attacked first.

Apparently the discovery was made after adding another item called NPC Meat. This item is also apparently tied to Klombos, who, in addition to dropping loot for the player, will also drop this special version of meat. What the meat will do is unknown, although many seem to speculate that it will give Fortnite players a buff when consumed. There’s also no timeline as to when Klombos might return, though some are hoping it will be during the upcoming season 3.

On the other hand, players may need to wait a bit longer, as some recent leaks reveal that Star Wars will be returning as well. Fortnite soon. In early April, data miners discovered that Darth Vader will be joining Fortnite like a boss battle encounter. Recently, another new discovery revealed that lightsabers would also be making a return to the game, possibly as early as May 4, a day generally revered as Star Wars Day. The leaks also seemingly confirm that the lightsaber effects have been updated and players will also have special challenges to complete alongside them.

Fortnite It is currently available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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