Why Fortnite brought back building when everyone loves Zero Build mode

Why Fortnite brought back building when everyone loves Zero Build mode

Even with the success that Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has brought to the battle royale title, the team at Epic Games decided to bring the build back.

Although FortniteZero Build proved to be a hit with players, the team at Epic Games made the decision to bring building back to the Battle Royale title. After the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the building mechanic was removed from the game, rendering players unable to create structures, which has been the core gameplay mechanic of the title since the beginning. Some fans may consider the move audacious; however, doing so has increased the popularity of the title and brought new and old players back.

With the option to build removed, new mechanics have been added, such as a superior shield, to ensure that competitors are not easily taken out in a firefight. With the changes of the new building in Fortnite, new methods of traversing the map, such as running and cover, must be used to succeed in Zero Build mode. Players no longer have to worry about researching and editing skills when engaging in a fight, as everyone is now on an equal footing.


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Although the elimination of the construction in Fortnite it proved to be beneficial to the game overall, there were some fans who were disappointed as they felt it was what it did Fortnite feel like Fortnite. Two weeks after its disappearance, the building returned to the game along with a tweet from fortnite games encouraging players to “Play it your way!” On the game’s Twitter page, many gamers expressed their feelings towards the two modes, sparking a discussion about which was better than the other.

Zero Build mode in Fortnite removes the originality of the game

Fortnite Siege Cannon Planes

One of the arguments that came up frequently was that Zero Build mode did Fortnite boring and removed what made Fortnite different from any other Battle Royale game. To an extent, this may be true, as building structures proved to be a staple of the title that contributed to its early popularity. In a way, for some, the game can be considered as another generic Battle Royale game.

As far as similarity goes, the overshield resembles games like apex legends either Call of Duty Warzone along with sprint and cloak mechanics. With the build out of the way, a certain meta was also created regarding what weapons to use against other players. Because of this, items like snipers were nerfed in Fortnite to create a balance in the game.

Regardless of what stance players take in Zero Build mode, having building as an option proves to be a beneficial choice for Fortnite. Not only does it give players variety in the type of gaming experience they want, but it also ensures that everything is fair at the end of the day, while maintaining the charm of the title. As Fortnite is a game that is constantly full of surprises and changes, there is no telling what bold move the game will make next.

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