Netflix’s Resident Evil Character Cheat Avoids The Movies’ Dumbest Problem

Netflix’s Resident Evil Character Cheat Avoids The Movies’ Dumbest Problem

Netflix’s Resident Evil will take the franchise in a new direction, and its lack of classic characters helps avoid a problem with the movies.

from netflix resident Evil The series will introduce a new cast of characters, which will help avoid a big problem with the movies. fans of the resident Evil Games and movies directed by Milla Jovovich don’t necessarily have a lot of crossover. While the film series adapted characters, stories, and monsters from the source material, they also went their own way. While video games focused, for the most part, on horror and tension, Jovovich’s films focused firmly on action sequences.

For what they were, resident Evil The movies are likable, cheesy B-movies, but for game franchise devotees, they were a disappointment. The film series received a total reboot with 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which refocused on horror and attempted to adapt the first two games. Sadly, the film’s scope was too ambitious for its own good, with the story split between too many characters while the budget was too low when it came to CGI and special effects. coming soon from netflix resident Evil The series is the next live-action outing for the property and promises to be an even bigger departure from the Milla Jovovich movies.


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from netflix resident Evil will be split into two timelines, with the first following Umbrella executive Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) and his daughters Jade and Billie moving to New Raccoon City, while the second takes place more than a decade later in a post- apocalyptic. Outside of Wesker himself, the show, for now at least, doesn’t seem to bring back classic game characters like Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, or Chris and Claire Redfield. This is sure to disappoint some viewers, but it may work in the show’s favor. Game publisher Capcom banned the movies from killing off the main heroes of the series, often depriving the film adaptations of any real stakes or tension. With a new cast of heroes, Netflix resident Evil you can easily avoid that problem.

Resident Evil Netflix Series Connected to Claire Games

One of the most frustrating elements of Jovovich’s final entry Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – which featured a big Alice twist – was that it didn’t address the fates of key characters. In the ending of the previous film, Alice joined the game’s heroes like Leon, Jill Valentine, and others in what promised to be an epic battle for humanity; in the final chapter opening, everyone but Alice has disappeared without explanation. Jovovich later confirmed to collider that since they weren’t allowed to kill off any video game characters, they had to introduce new characters for the final movie.

This mandate appears to have moved to Welcome to Raccoon City, where all the key characters from the game survive the movie. While it would certainly be controversial to kill off beloved figures like Chris or Jill in a movie, the realization that neither of them may perish completely dilutes the suspense. from netflix resident Evil (which may have game connections) you don’t have to follow those rules if Wesker, a key villain in the games and movies, is the only one to return. That’s not to say that the series won’t introduce classic characters in later episodes, but at least with this new approach, the fate of the show’s characters is no longer so certain.

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