Minecraft Player Builds Real Working Wordle In Game

Minecraft Player Builds Real Working Wordle In Game

An expert Minecraft player has been able to design a working version of the Wordle word puzzle game in the game, through the creative use of Command Blocks.

AN Minecraft the player has recreated the popular online word guessing game Word in the game, with a fully playable version made with Command Blocks. The popularity of Word has grown rapidly in recent months thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay. As a result, the game has inspired many similar versions, with a long list now stretching to Minecraft.

anyone familiar with Minecraft knows that it is possible to create some surprisingly sophisticated gadgets in the game, even without the help of mods. The use of Command Blocks and various Redstone components allows players to create highly functional computer systems if they have the dedication to write the code and build often-imposing circuit structures. A brilliant example of how a clever player can use command blocks is a contraption that “magnetizes” copper blocks to build a Minecraft statue, harnessing the oxidizing properties of copper to ultimately create a color-accurate Creeper.


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This new construction follows the long Minecraft tradition of recreating various aspects of pop culture, this time focusing on Word. reddit user urgle_gurgle shared a video of his Word clone, dubbed word search, showcasing his creation in action and also providing a downloadable version of the world contained in the game in the comments. The urgle_gurgle build functions through a complex set of code that uses Python and base26, allowing it to replicate the word check and daily random word functions of Word. Interestingly, urgle_gurgle hasn’t mentioned curation of the dictionary, which means that Word Search’s solutions may include the extremely obscure words removed by wordle.

word search also supports a form of multiplayer gameplay, allowing Minecraft players on the same server to go head-to-head in a race to solve the puzzle first. This only promises to do word search a popular new version; WordThe web-based design of does not support this feature, though players can still compare scores when it comes to how many guesses it took to find the correct word. The fact that this has been achieved in Minecraft is another factor in favor of the game. It serves as both a testament to skill and a point of interest for casual browsers, as previous projects along a similar vein have shown. AN Minecraft Google’s recreation of the T-Rex Run minigame, for example, received praise for both its beautiful visual style and the sheer amount of work that clearly went into making it playable.

Whenever a Minecraft If a build involving Redstone or Command Blocks shows up, it’s sure to be an impressive sight for the public. Advanced applications of these features allow players to bring to life projects that are as impressive in appearance as they are complex to create. Effective migration of short games to Minecraft it’s just the beginning of what’s possible for dedicated programmers and Redstone engineers. If the goal is to recreate Wordautomate buildings or even create a functioning Minecraft calculator, the possibilities seem endless.

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Source: urgle_gurgle/Reddit

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