Minecraft Patch Notes Reveal Spectator Mode Is Finally Near Bedrock

Minecraft Patch Notes Reveal Spectator Mode Is Finally Near Bedrock

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition added Spectator Mode in a recent update, though developer Mojang says the feature isn’t finished yet.

a new Minecraft update adds a number of new features to bedrock edition, including the long-requested spectator mode. Mojang’s wildly popular survival sandbox was released in 2009 and continues to receive regular updates from the dutiful developer. These Minecraft updates can make small changes like giving the enemy Warden a new laser attack, but they can also add entirely new ways to play the game.

Minecraft has intimately involved players in the development process since its days as an early access title. While massive expansions like the Caves and cliffs update they still release, make massive changes to the world generation and add new content, the community often gets little snapshots leading up to any big changes. This allows the community to test new features and provide feedback, often resulting in a more effective end result. For example, a snapshot of Minecraft: Java Edition he recently gave the unstoppable Warden a ranged sonic attack, making the power plant even more unstoppable. Before that a Minecraft The snapshot added the new Recovery Compass, an item that points players towards the location where they died and dropped their items.


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a recent Minecraft The update, version 1.18.30, has added spectator mode as a new experimental mode. Base feature. The mode, which allows players to fly around the map without interacting with the environment, was added to Minecraft: Java Edition on PC in 2014. However, the bedrock edition of the game on consoles and mobile devices has not yet received the feature. The version of Spectator Mode included in 1.18.30 is apparently still in progress, and Mojang is warning players not to rely on it too much. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition apparently you will get Spectator Mode after 1.19 wild updateso fans can wait a while before they can freely fly around the block-based survival sandbox.

Spectator Mode is an exciting new feature that console gamers have been asking for, and a Minecraft snapshot showing the wild update promises even more amazing features in the future. The game’s next big expansion will add Mangrove Swamps and Deep Dark, two new biomes that will shake up the game’s already colorful landscapes. Mangrove swamps are swampy areas filled with frogs and overgrown trees, with boats equipped with chests that aid exploration through shallow water. Meanwhile, Deep Dark is a deadly underground ruin filled with the new element Sculk and patrolled by the terrifying Warden.

While PC gamers have enjoyed Spectator Mode for years, Minecraft console and mobile fans have missed this fun feature. Update 1.18.30 finally gives you a chance to use it, though Mojang warns that this version of Spectator Mode may be unstable. The full mechanic will be released after 1.19, but until then Minecraft fans outside of PC can at least try the high-flying feature.

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Minecraft is available on all consoles.

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