Minecraft: how to create (and use) a recovery compass

Minecraft: how to create (and use) a recovery compass

To craft a recovery compass in Minecraft, adventurers will need to venture underground into the Deep Dark biomes in search of an ancient city.

The recovery compass is a tool in Minecraft used to guide reappeared adventurers back to the place where they died. This device works similarly to the standard compass, pointing in the general direction of the player’s point of death but not revealing any further information or coordinates. Nonetheless, this recovery compass is an excellent tool for exploring dangerous biomes, allowing survivors in Minecraft to recognize where they might find their loot before it disappears.

A good technique for using the recovery compass would be to place the device inside a chest near the bed. If any mishaps occur in the player’s journey, they can equip the compass and quickly find their way back to the previous location without worrying that they are going in the wrong direction. Note that the recovery compass only works properly when used within the dimension in which the adventurer died. For example, if the player dies in the Nether, using the device in the overworld will cause the needle to spin in a frenzy, rendering it useless until they re-enter the correct realm.


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To get a recovery compass on Minecraft, players will first need to craft an ordinary compass. This can be done using 4 iron ingots Y 1 red stone. Next, the adventurers must gather 8 echo shards, a new item that appears within the Ancient City biome. Place the shards around the compass within the 3×3 crafting grid to craft a recovery compass on Minecraft.

Using a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Minecraft Crafting a recovery compass

Ancient Cities are structures that spawn within the Deep Dark biome, areas covered with Sculk Blocks and other Sculk variants. As the name implies, the biome is dimly lit and significantly darker than previously released Lush Cave systems. Also, the new known formidable mob, Warden, resides in the Deep Dark biome. MinecraftWardens are extremely dangerous creatures and should be avoided unless adventurers are confidently prepared for combat. To prevent the Wardens from attacking, players need to make sure not to activate Sculk Shriekers, a block that summons the Warden mob.

An ancient city will generally generate less than -52 in a deep dark biome. Within these areas, Minecraft players will often find a loot chest that may contain Echo Shards. Naturally, the eight echo shards required for the recovery compass will not appear simultaneously in a single chest. Therefore, players will need to search various loot compartments and gradually accumulate enough shards to craft the compass. Once Minecraft zealots have enough echo shards, they can return to their workbench or drop one directly to craft the recovery compass.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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