How to get the marauder skin in Fortnite

How to get the marauder skin in Fortnite

FortniteThe Prowler skin has finally been released and here’s what you’ll need to do to unlock it! From chapter one, season three, FortniteThe battle pass has included an additional skin that only you have access to a few weeks after the season. This first season of the third chapter is no different.

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This season’s additional skin is the Marauder, a skin inspired by the Marvel Universe. The character played a major role in the critically acclaimed animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and also appeared in Insomniac’s 2020 game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. If you’re a fan of the character, follow these steps to unlock these Prowler-themed rewards for you.


Marauder Missions

There are seven Prowler missions that you can complete, but you only have to complete three of them to unlock the Prowler outfit.

Just like the daily and weekly missions, there are bonus objectives, which means that you will get an additional reward for completing a certain number of these missions. There is two additional objective missions: one that requires players to complete three marauder missions and another that requires players to complete seven Prowler missions. If you reach the first goal you will receive the marauder’s skin and if you reach the second objective you will receive the Marauder’s built-in emote. These are the Prowler missions you can complete:

  • Modify a vehicle, then drive it 500 meters in a single match

There are two vehicle mods in Fortnite, tthe Cow Catcher and off-road tires. Both of these mods can be easily found on the map, but if you’re unlucky, just visit a gas station and you will always successfully find these modifications. Complete this quest to receive the Marauder’s Prey emoticon

  • Search chests before taking damage in a match (7)

This quest is pretty straightforward and you shouldn’t have much trouble as long as you land somewhere that isn’t a hotspot. Finding isolated chests is the best way to go. Complete this quest to receive the Sky Prowler glider.

  • Use a spray on The Daily Bugle

Complete this quest to receive the Prowler tag spray.

  • Collect different types of weapons of epic rarity or higher in a single match (3)

Finding Epic or Legendary weapons can be difficult, so you may want to do this quest in a different game mode, like Team Rumble. You can also use the upgrade bench to upgrade a couple of weapons or open as many supply drops as you can find. Maybe the Solid Gold LTM It’s coming shortly and will make this challenge much easier. Complete this quest to receive the Prowler banner icon.

  • Shoot opponents in the head with a thermal weapon (3)

If you find it difficult to shoot opponents in the head, find a Thermal Scope AR in Team Rumble is the way to go to get over this quickly. Even if you are eliminated, you will respawn with the same weapon loadout. Complete this quest to receive the Marauder’s Mark Wrap.

  • Damage opponents while crouching or sliding (500)

You can do this challenge on any type of opponent, so you can damage IO Guards or Loot Sharks while sliding or crouching to reach 500 damage. Complete this quest to receive the Energy Claw collection tool.

in Fortnite, You can collect gold bars by eliminating players, completing bounties, and searching chests. Do as many of these activities as you can to collect a total of 300 bars. Complete this quest to receive the On the Prowler loading screen.

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