Which Resident Evil character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

Which Resident Evil character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

The resident Evil The series deserves credit for incorporating so many characters with different personalities while staying true to its survival horror themes. The likes of Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and more have all proven popular due to how relatable they can be to fans.

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An excellent way to understand their characterization is by assigning them according to zodiac signs. The 12 signs on the calendar reveal personality traits based on when a person is born and resident Evil The characters exhibit similar behavior. Whether you’re a sensitive hero like Leon or an ambitious villain like Albert Wesker, there’s a zodiac sign that complements your characteristics.


Aries: Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 3 Remake Jill Valentine

Jill is usually among the best resident Evil characters in the series because of the way she is so fierce and ready for battle. This ties in with Aries’ own combativeness, as Aries people are also known for being kind-hearted and self-assertive.

Jill showed that she was on the same page in Resident Evil 3 when she took on the threat of Nemesis herself. Aries’s compassion for her was evident in the way she cared for Chris, Carlos, and the people of Raccoon City in general when battling the monster’s terrifying final form.

Taurus: Barry Burton

Barry pointing his signature gun at an off-screen target.

Reliability is the most important point to keep in mind in Taurus personalities, who are also known to be dedicated, if also a bit stubborn. Barry hasn’t been cast in the lead role, but he’s easily the best support anyone can get, as Barry never leaves his friends’ side.

He is largely seen as the best sidekick in the games because of the way he is just as effective as the main heroes. Taurus zodiac people make great friends because their dedication is second to none, which sums up Barry at all times.

Gemini: Ada Wong

Ada Wong in her RE2Make trench coat.

Geminis are charming, intelligent, and outgoing individuals, but they have contrasting traits of impulsiveness and lack of confidence. Ada’s charms and intelligence are unquestionable, as she has managed to outdo everyone from Leon to Albert Wesker using her talents.

Ada portrays the unreliable nature of Gemini people as she has betrayed everyone she has ever been affiliated with as no one can trust her. Gemini’s impulsiveness has been aroused mainly due to her feelings for Leon, whom she ends up assisting despite the fact that she is not a part of her plans.

Cancer: Ramon Salazar

Resident Evil 4 backstory boss Ramon Salazar

Cancer personalities can be very vindictive, moody and hold a grudge when their negative traits increase. Ramón Salazar developed a rivalry with León in Resident Evil 4where he displayed all of these characteristics, as Salazar became petty in his attempts to kill León.

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Cancers tend to be loyal and protective of those they are affiliated with and Salazar stayed true to Saddler’s twisted beliefs. Plus, he had a tie to his family heritage that Cancers can relate to, even if they’re not as evil as Salazar clearly was.

Leo: Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield looks angry in Resident Evil 5

Leos are honest, leadership types that people tend to follow because of the attention they attract. Most Chris Redfield Quotes on resident Evil gaming is all about this aspect as he has led various teams in their quest to eradicate viruses across the world.

Leos are generally determined and big-hearted, but showing their heart on their sleeve can make them very emotional. Chris was in such a state when he lost his team in resident Evil 6 and his subsequent crisis is something Leos will understand.

Virgo: Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers in a wedding dress in Resident Evil Vendetta

Virgos are practical and humble people who are not afraid to speak their minds, but have an understanding demeanor. Rebecca was just a teenager when she debuted in the first resident Evil but she was mature beyond her years and helped the heroes eradicate the zombies.

Virgo personalities mature quite nicely based on their experiences and their sympathies take on higher levels. Rebecca appeared again in Resident Evil Vendettawhere he put Leon and Chris on the same page by appealing to their need to help people.

Libra: Carlos Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira hides behind a wall in Resident Evil 3

Libras are outgoing, outspoken by nature, and prefer to be in the company of friends. Carlos was similar in the way he wanted to keep the team together and wanted Jill to join as well. His directness was clear in the way he spoke his mind in vivid detail and one-liners.

Carlos’s kindness was shown when he became loyal to Jill even though he barely knew her. Libra personalities want peace and stability above all else, with people of this sign willing to do the right thing. Carlos didn’t enjoy fighting zombies, but he did it out of a sense of duty.

Scorpio: Nemesis

A portrait of the Nemesis creature from Resident Evil 3

Scorpios are largely bold, mysterious, determined, and even a bit mystical with how talented they are. This describes Nemesis as the creature was relentless in its pursuit of Jill and whose abilities seemed to come out of nowhere to confuse Jill and the game’s players. Resident Evil 3.

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Scorpios can also be creative if the situation calls for them to think outside the box and Nemesis certainly found ways to let Jill down. Nemesis’s audacity was best seen when he repeatedly tried to kill Jill despite the latter having access to weapons that ultimately killed Nemesis in exchange for her.

Sagittarius: Luis Sera

Luis Sera points a gun in Resident Evil 4

Sagittarius personalities are known for their openness, impartiality, charming attitude, and how fun they can be. Luis was much more the latter, being responsible for some memes of resident Evil fans for its comedic depth. Luis’s forceful attitude was also highlighted by the way he openly mocked León.

However, his righteous Sagittarius mentality came into play when he tried to get Leon and Ashley to safety. Luis initially ran away spontaneously, but returned because he knew that Leon and Ashley were innocent. He sadly got himself killed, but fans like to remember how much Luis made them laugh.

Capricorn: Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker as he appears in Resident Evil 5.

Largely seen as the best resident Evil villain throughout the series, Wesker has the persistence, ambition, and outspokenness of the average Capricorn. People of this sign can have a rather dry personality, since they only entertain things that interest them.

Wesker was a stoic by nature whose ambitions were to have the perfect virus sample to empower himself and take over the world. Like Capricorn, he was extremely direct in the way he addressed his minions and rivals, which only lessened when Chris finally killed him.

Aquarius: Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield in Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

The calmest people belong to the sign of Aquarius, since these people are self-sufficient, optimistic and exceptional. Claire was a class apart for the way she not only survived Raccoon City without any training, but she also kept Sherry safe despite meeting her that night.

Claire’s optimism relates to the Aquarian people because of the way she was certain she would be reunited with both Leon and Sherry in what was a harrowing encounter with zombies. Aquarius personalities are deeply devoted to her families and Claire only showed up in Raccoon City out of love for her brother.

Pisces: Leon S. Kennedy

Promotional art of Leon Kennedy from the video game Resident Evil 4.

Pisces people are known to be kind and sensitive and prefer to keep those around them happy. They tend to get excited when these things are not fulfilled. León is the sympathetic protagonist of resident Evilwhose sensitivity is such that people like Ada, Ashley and Claire have fallen in love with him.

He was depressed about Resident Evil Vendetta when he couldn’t stop the deaths, which ties into how Piscean personalities can’t separate work from emotions. Like the average Pisces, Leo has an inherent charisma that allows him to have many followers and admirers.

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