Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Is Connected To The Games (Theory Explained)

Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Is Connected To The Games (Theory Explained)

Netflix’s Resident Evil TV series is apparently a total reboot, but there are signs that it may actually have ties to the video game franchise.

Coming soon from Netflix resident Evil The TV series is apparently a total reboot, but could it be secretly connected to the video game series? capcom originals resident Evil The game arrived in 1996 and revolutionized the survival horror genre. Rather than being a power fantasy where players waded through hordes of monsters, it emphasized resource management, puzzle solving, and dodging monsters when possible. The game also featured many iconic moments, such as zombie dogs bursting through windows, and became a surprising success.

resident evil 2 It arrived in 1998 and it was clear that the franchise was going to stay. Like any long-running series, resident Evil has had its ups and downs in terms of success, but the franchise always manages to find a way to restart itself. The success of resident Evil it also led to the development of a movie, which finally arrived in 2002. resident Evil cast Milla Jovovich as Alice, who never appeared in the games, who led a commando unit through an underground laboratory filled with zombies and monsters. The film was a success spawning five sequels, though they had little to no connection to the games.


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This did not make the fans of the resident Evil happy video games, but the movie series was an undeniable success. from netflix resident Evil The television series will follow a similar path, with the story following two timelines. In the first, sisters Jade and Billie Wesker move to New Raccoon City, and the second timeline is set 14 years later, as Jade struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters. Jade and Billie are the daughters of Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick, who was sadly cut from Godzilla vs. Kong), but while on the surface of Netflix resident Evil it seems to be a total reinvention, it may also have some game links.

Resident Evil Zombie-Cerberus Dog

The first clue is that it is set in the “new” city of Raccoon, with the evil Umbrella corporation building on the ruins of the old city. In the original game series, and also in Jovovich’s films, Raccoon City was destroyed to contain the t-Virus outbreak. The fact that New Raccoon City appears on Netflix resident Evil it could be a sign that the show will explore what happened to the town in the past. In the games, Raccoon City was destroyed in 1998, while the show’s first timeline is set in 2022, some 24 years later. The series will also explore the Wesker brothers’ relationship with their father Wesker, although, notably, Reddick is the first person of color to play Wesker, in contrast to previous games or resident Evil films.

There’s a way this could be explained on Netflix resident Evil Serie. In the game’s original timeline, Wesker was revealed to be part of a eugenics program dubbed “Project W”, which was created by Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer to create superior human beings. This show took children from all over the world and gave them the last name Wesker, and in adulthood, the most promising ones were infected with the virus to give them superhuman abilities. Apparently only Albert and his “sister” Alex survived, although it is possible that Wesker of Reddick was another candidate for this project. If that’s the case, it’s weird that he has the same name as the game’s Wesker, who died in 2009. resident bad 5 (not to be confused with the sequel to the Milla Jovovich action movie of the same name).

It’s also worth noting that Reddick himself has stated that his Wesker will differ significantly from the games, saying The express that “For the most part, the Albert Wesker I’m playing is not the guy from the games.” cast “Rather, it’s based on a boy from the games.” if the series does they have links, this leaves the door open for characters like the Redfield brothers or Jill Valentine to appear, as well as classic monsters like the Nemesis. Of course, there are holes in the Netflix theory. resident Evil show is connected to games. Since the series depicts a post-apocalyptic world, which has yet to happen in the games, Capcom may not want the show to conflict with their plans for the franchise. Not being tied to games would also give Netflix resident Evil more creative leeway, but the addition of New Raccoon City raises some interesting questions.

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