Moon Knight skins are now available in Fortnite

Moon Knight skins are now available in Fortnite

As expected of almost every major IP these days, moon knight is officially represented in Fortnite like a skin. With the Marvel series now underway on Disney+, it was only a matter of time until oscar isaacThe interpretation of the character did it in a way. It’s also the right time, as the fourth episode of the series just came out this week and the look comes right after.

The special Moon Knight skin and pickaxe are now available in-game and will cost you 2,000 V-bucks in total to get the whole set. The skin comes in three variants, showcasing Marc Spector’s Moon Knight suit from the show with and without a cape, as well as Steven Grant’s fancier three-piece suit, all of which can be easily swapped. On its own, it costs 1,500 V-bucks and includes the hero’s cape as an ornament for other characters’ backs, so if you ever wanted to put Moon Knight’s cape on Lebron Jameswell, now you can. Meanwhile, the new Crescent Darts pickaxe comes separately and costs 500 V-bucks, allowing you to use Moon Knight’s signature weapon for what it was always meant for: knocking over rocks, buildings, trees, cars, and anything else it can throw at you. Construction materials. .


Unlike some of the previously added Marvel skins, Fortnite This time he took special care to make Moon Knight true to what we see on screen rather than the comics. The game has been pretty convenient when it comes to taking on new Marvel properties in particular and TV shows have been no different, with the game adding Kate Bishop and Hawkeye shortly after the latter’s eponymous show aired.


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Moon Knight is just the latest superhero to join the pantheon of beloved pop culture icons that Epic Games has collected from Spider-Man and basically the entirety of the MCU at this point all the way to jason mamoaIt’s Aquaman. Although in recent times, Fortnite it has gone from being a simple Battle Royale with cool and modern aspects to the new and modern commercial for companies looking to utilize the metaverse. We just saw a full game come out within the shooter to advertise Robert Eggers‘ very early the northerner in just the latest example of companies promoting movies through gaming.

Moon Knight’s arrival at Fortnite is something that would have been difficult to predict in years past. The hero has always had a following among the comics crowd, but for the rest of the public, he was often relegated to meme status with a few particular panels being broadcast on the internet over the years. However, four episodes into the MCU version of Spector/Grant, moon knight is making a big impression on audiences with an audience score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Our very own Maggie Boccella gave the most recent episode an A+ in her review, so if you’re on the fence about this grittier MCU property, there’s no better time than the present to jump in and see what’s in store for you.

Check out the official Tweet below to see the new moon knight skin and beak.


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