Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022: Everything Announced Including Ghostbusters VR

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022: Everything Announced Including Ghostbusters VR

The second annual Meta Quest Games Showcase has arrived and shared some of the biggest and most exciting experiences headed to the Meta Quest platform over the next year.

From Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries to NFL PRO ERA, Among Us VR and Ghostbusters VR, there was something for everyone at the presentation. To help ensure you don’t miss a thing, we’ve compiled all of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase announcements below.

Ghostbusters VR announced

A new Ghostbusters VR game has been announced for Meta Quest 2 from Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and nGames. While we didn’t see much else aside from a brief cinematic trailer, it’s good to know that we’ll soon be experiencing the beloved franchise in a new way.

Players will run their own “Ghostbusters headquarters in a new city, San Francisco, and solve a profound mystery in a new chapter of the Ghostbusters universe.”

It also supports four-player co-op, so one question remains: who are you going to call?

Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries VR is out now, bringing the fan-favorite mode to Meta Quest 2

When Resident Evil 4 released in VR in 2021, it did so without the fan-favorite horde mode, The Mercenaries. As of today, that issue is resolved as the mode is available as a free update to all players who own the base game.

The Mercenaries was rebuilt by Armature Studio and will challenge players to eliminate as many Ganados as they can before the time expires. Along with VR-exclusive leaderboards and 20 new challenges, The Mercenaries will also have some “made-for-VR treats,” including Big Head mode, a classic black-and-white horror mode, and Golden Gun skins for weapons. These unlocks will also work in the main campaign.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution brings you back to New Orleans to face a ‘bloodthirsty threat’

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution will take players back to the streets of a post-apocalyptic New Orleans and promises to be even deadlier than the first time. What does this mean for the player? Among other things, players will have to deal with “fewer resources, more walkers, and a new bloodthirsty threat that will chase them across the city.”

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is coming later in 2022.

NFL PRO ERA is the first officially licensed VR NFL game and will allow you to take your favorite team to the Super Bowl

StatusPRO has revealed NFL PRO ERA, the first officially licensed NFL VR game that will allow players to take their favorite teams to the Super Bowl. Using “NFL game data to create the most authentic on-field NFL VR experience to date,” NFL PRO ERA will put players in the shoes of a quarterback to participate in drills, play ball with friends online at NFL stadiums and play on the biggest stage in a real NFL game.

Among Us VR will make virtual reality much more suspicious

InnerSloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games have revealed that Among US VR is coming during the holidays of 2022. We got a much better look at the game after its reveal at The Game Awards 2021 and it features all the backstabbing fans have come to expect. from the series also looks MUCH more intense in VR.

Additionally, Schell Games announced that it has three more projects on the way, but details will be revealed at a later date.

Moss: Book II continues Quill’s story in Meta Quest 2 this summer

Moss: Book II originally released on PlayStation VR, and is now coming to Meta Quest 2 in summer 2022. This new entry will continue the story of the first game and see Quill go on another adventure to “end the ruthless government of lo Arcane and save the world from a great ruin.”

Bonelab builds on everything Boneworks did so well

Stress Level Zero has announced Bonelab, a follow-up to Bonelab featuring “a next-level interaction engine with nearly unlimited player freedom.” It also adds a new story and “two years of innovation and interaction engine process.”

Players must escape execution in a mysterious underground laboratory in a world that reacts like the real thing. Bonelab will also feature extensive mod support.

Build the city of your dreams in Cities: VR… Next week!

While not a “one-on-one port,” Cities: VR will help players build the city of their dreams and see it in ways they’ve never been able to before. To that end, Fast Travel Games will take players “through the screen” to experience their creations in a whole new way.

The best part? It will be out on April 28, 2022.

Beat Saber – Electronic Mixtape Adds Deadmau5, Marshmello, Pendulum & More

Following the release of OST5 and a Fall Out Boy music pack, Beat Games has announced the Beat Saber Electronic Mixtape DLC which adds tracks from artists like Deadmau5, Marsmello, Pendulum and more.

Red Matter 2 will pick up right where the original left off and take you through our solar system.

As those who have played it will recall, the original Red Matter left players with a cliffhanger that made waiting for the sequel’s announcement that much more difficult. Now, this next entry is even closer to release, promising to take players through our solar system from “a base on our own space station orbiting above the rings of Saturn and beyond.”

Once again, there will be a big focus on puzzles in Red Matter 2, but this time it will give players more tools and a better jetpack to help them solve them.

Espire 2 brings players back to the world of spies, and this time they can bring a friend with them.

Espire 2 is set to build on the foundation of international espionage established by 2019’s Espire 1: VR Operative, but this time around it will feature a separate co-op campaign that takes players to locations from the first game. It will also tell a side story that fills in the gaps between the two main entrances.

Espire 2’s single-player campaign will have players find and stop an “untraceable supersonic missile” that is a “true doomsday device” through the use of high-tech gadgets and more.

Become a powerful wizard in the narrative adventure RUINSMAGUS

RUINSMAGUS will allow players to wield magic in virtual reality and give them the chance to “go from novice mage to powerful spell-wielding mage” in a narrative adventure that will take players deep into the city of Grand Amnis. RUINMAGUS will also feature 26 fully voiced missions with voice talent from the likes of Naomi Ohzora, Ai Maeda, and Eiji Takemoto.

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