How to unlock the new super styles (Chapter 3 Season 2)

How to unlock the new super styles (Chapter 3 Season 2)

Fortnite fans who reach certain Battle Pass milestones in Chapter 3 Season 2 can unlock three new Super Styles: Stealth Silver, Tempest, and Vivid.

Super Styles are unique skin variants unlockable in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 acquired as Bonus Rewards through the Season Battle Pass. Players can view the new Super Styles for Episode 3 Season 2 by opening the game’s main menu and selecting the “Battle Pass” at the top of the game screen. Next, choose the “Bonus Rewards” window to reveal all the unlockables Fortnite skins available after level 120. Pages 1 and 2 will show the rewards that can be obtained after reaching levels 120 – 140 of the current Battle Pass season. However, from page 3 onwards, Fortnite fans will be able to see the new Super Styles available.


In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, players will be able to acquire Super Styles skins for playable characters Doctor Strange, Kiara KO, Erisa, Tsuki 2.0, and Gunnar. For these five characters, additional rewards include skin variants for the following themes: Stealth Silver, Tempest, and Vivid.

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As the name implies, Stealth Silver skins offer a clean white hue combined with a bright silver hue. Tempest revolves around the colors of great royalty: gold and purple. Finally, Vivid Super Styles are animated skins that change color in Fortnite that feature a gradient that transforms from a neon golden yellow to tints of orange, dark red, and lime green.

Unlocking New Super Styles in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Erisa Stealth Silver Super Styles Showcase Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

To unlock the new Super Styles in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, players will need to progress through milestones specific to the current Battle Pass. First, Stealth Silver can be obtained once players reach level 160 and have claimed 110 normal rewards and 10 additional rewards from the battle pass. Next, the Tempest skin set from Page 4 becomes accessible after Fortnite fans reach level 180 and claim 115 normal rewards and 15 additional battle pass rewards. Finally, players can unlock the animated Vivid Super Level Styles once they have reached level 200 and claimed 120 normal rewards and an additional 20 Battle Pass rewards.

Naturally, obtaining any or all of these new Super Styles requires Fortnite fans to participate in the Battle Pass by completing missions, challenges, and other activities. This effort requires dedication and patience to grind the levels. However, there are some strategies to maximize XP income by doing specific activities that reward the experience, such as finding Klombo, participating in the Imposters game mode, or Bot Lobbies. Bot Lobbies, in particular, allow players to complete their challenges and milestones against AI Bots that may still offer a bit of a challenge. However, the gameplay features a much more relaxed experience without having to worry about competing against other players.

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