How to make a night vision potion in minecraft

How to make a night vision potion in minecraft

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You can make a lot of potions in Minecraft, but you can also go through your entire survival world without using any. However, if you plan to visit The Warden in Minecraft’s Deep Dark Ancient Cities, there is one that will definitely make your adventure easier: the Night Vision Potion.

When exploring Deep Dark, the aptly named biome is just that: dark. Especially the loot-filled house from The Warden, Ancient Cities. Given how big the Ancient Cities are, setting up torches as you go won’t even make the most of a difference, and you’ll find that the best way you can safely explore the structure is by drinking a Night Vision Potion. To do that, it may help to know how to brew the Minecraft Night Vision Potion first.

What is minecraft night vision potion?

The Night Vision Potion in Minecraft improves visibility in dark areas. So when exploring the huge caves and ancient cities of the Deep Dark biome, drinking a Night Vision potion will make it seem like daylight, without having to place torches in every nook and cranny. You will still be affected by the Darkness effect that hits when The Warden emerges, but this only lasts for a few seconds and you will still have better short-range visibility.

How to prepare a night vision potion in Minecraft

To brew a night vision potion, like any other potion, you’ll first need an awkward potion. To do this, place a bottle of water, fuel (Blaze Powder), and Nether Wart at a staging station. Once you’ve brewed the Awkward Potion, you can leave it at the brewing station and add a Golden Carrot to the ingredient slot. Once he’s done brewing, you’ll have a three-minute night vision potion.

Minecraft Night Vision Potion

If you want to get the most out of your ingredients, use three bottles of water and the resulting three awkward potions, since only one ingredient can be used to make up to three potions at once.

How to make an 8 minute night vision potion

If you want your Minecraft potion to last longer, which we recommend, time flies when you’re having fun, put it back in the brewing station and add redstone dust in the ingredient slot. You may also need to add more Blaze Powder for fuel if you run out. Once brewing is complete, your three-minute potions will now last for eight minutes.

Minecraft 8 minute night vision potion

How to make a splash potion

You can also turn your night vision potion into a splash potion. This probably isn’t really necessary for Night Vision, but it could be useful if you’re trying to run away from The Warden in a hurry. The only difference with a splash potion is that instead of standing still and drinking it, you can simply drop it on the ground at your feet.

Minecraft Night Vision Splash Potion

You can turn three or eight minute potions into splash potions of the same length by brewing them again, this time with gunpowder in the ingredient slot. Once again, you will consume more fuel.

How to make a lingering potion

Finally, to make this a complete guide, we will show you how to make a lingering potion. This doesn’t really have much of a benefit with Night Vision though, it will decrease the duration of your potion and requires a rare ingredient. so we would not recommend it.

A lingering potion, such as a splash potion, can be thrown on the ground to activate it. Instead of being used instantly, the potion will remain on the ground for a few seconds, visible by particles emanating from the ground. This means that players (and mobs) can walk through it while it remains. Really though, this is more useful for the healing potion. Alternatively, a lingering potion can be used in the recipe for crafting a pointed arrow, meaning you can shoot friends or mobs with a night vision arrow to give them the effects of the potion.

Minecraft night vision lingering potion

If you still want to know how to make a Minecraft Lingering Potion of Night Vision, put your Night Vision Potion back in the brew station and add Dragon’s Breath, an ingredient that can only be obtained during the battle with the Ender Dragon.

There you have it. Once you have your potion in your inventory (or two or three), simply drink it and you’ll have nothing to worry about as you search your nearest Ancient City for Echo Shards and Music Disks. Oh, except for the deadly Guardian, but we’re sure you’ll be fine…

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