Games Inbox: If Gran Turismo 7 Were Free to Play

Games Inbox: If Gran Turismo 7 Were Free to Play

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot

Gran Turismo 7: should Sony make it a free game? (photo: Sony)

The Friday Letter Page is curious to find out more about Amy Hennig. Star Wars game, as a reader you have a very important question about TMNT.

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be free
Hearing that Sony and Microsoft wanted to add ads to games and make them more free, it got me thinking about what existing series could give me the same treatment. Sony doesn’t have many, so I guess they suddenly became so interested in making live service games.

However, I wonder if it ever occurred to them that Gran Turismo would make a good free-to-play game. They already have it full of microtransactions, so it would not be difficult to monetize it; just add a few more and make sure there’s a good variety of cars to buy from cheap to expensive, but the game pretty much has it anyway.

I mention this because it’s pretty obvious that the game has underperformed, as while it sold well, it’s a far cry from the great app it used to be, even in Europe. This all seems to be part of the general downward trend in racing games, and I’d like to see that reversed. So if the answer is to do it for free, I’d be fine with that. It’s better than having to wait another 10 years for a sequel or having the budget gradually shrink as Sony realizes it’s not the draw it once was.

Behind the scenes
I love EA’s weird ingenuity in letting people play Skate 4 while it still looks like a Dreamcast game and not expecting it to be leaked. Although it’s also a shame that the players are so predictable and unreliable that you know there’s no way the footage won’t leak.

However, I always find it interesting to see games at such an early stage of development and wish I could see more of that. Behind-the-scenes videos for games are usually just talking heads and a bit of concept art, so I think most people, myself included, still don’t have much of an idea of ​​how they’re actually made.

That Star Wars leak story was interesting just because you could see all the storyboards (I didn’t even know they did that!) and the artwork and stuff, even for the little details. Even for a game like Skate 4, which tries to replicate the real world, I’m still curious to see how it all works out.

no jedi club
On the one hand, I can’t believe Lucasfilm would let Amy Hennig make a remake of their canceled Star Wars game if everything has apparently already been leaked, but on the other hand, it will seem very strange to make up another story with the same kind of setting, with the sole purpose of keeping a secret. In reality, the number of people who will search for all the spoilers will be minuscule, but… not me. I really don’t know what they will do. Except, hopefully, it won’t take place on Tatooine.

If they change anything, I hope they’ll get rid of anything that involves the Empire as anything more than a vague authoritarian evil. I really just want a story about smugglers and bounty hunters and other scum and villainy. And absolutely no Jedi, please. Don’t just bring out another one that somehow survived but was never mentioned before or after. That ruined The Mandalorian in my opinion and I’d like to see another crack at the same idea for a video.

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don’t give them ideas
Phew, the idea of ​​Sony and Microsoft trying to put ads in games worries me a lot. Aside from the fact that I obviously don’t want ads in my games, it’s obvious that this will influence the games that companies work with. That’s the literal point from Sony’s point of view, according to the report.

Can’t have ads in sci-fi or fantasy games? Easy, don’t make sci-fi or fantasy games! Either that, or suddenly Apex Legends gets a lot of ads for car insurance and electric shavers. Why making good games that sell well is never enough for these companies? Whats Next? In-game ads for NFTs?

no chance man
Interesting read about the lead designer who wants to do a PS1 Spider-Man remaster. I’ve enjoyed the game in the past and would definitely like to play an updated version. In fact, I was hoping that the original would be one of the PS1 games that would be included in the new PS Plus in June. Judging by the comments though this seems highly unlikely.

I’m starting to worry about what the lineup will actually be. I thought a state of play with more details would have been announced by now. I’d like to see Ridge Racer Type 4, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Speed ​​Freaks, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Muppet Race Mania, Sly 2: Band Of Thieves, Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil included. Maybe my expectations are too high and Sony is keeping quiet for some reason.
Tony-1975 (PSN ID)

CG: It is highly unlikely that any licensed Activision games will ever be released again, including their Transformers games.

will hunt for money
Nintendo not understanding what a bounty hunter is makes a lot of sense when you look at the games they made compared to the ones western developers made. I don’t know what they thought it meant, but I guess they just thought it was a visual description of a Star Wars bounty hunter. Basically: a cool looking space adventurer, probably wearing some sort of helmet.

She never acted as a bounty hunter, nor did she participate in any bounty hunting, so it’s really not a surprise to find out that she was never supposed to. I mean, what was Samus’s workload like? Finish that job saving the galaxy and then go off to chase down a low-level drug dealer who skipped bail? That seems like quite the downfall.

I’m not sure it matters what it says on her business card, I just hope that with Metroid Prime 4 she’ll prove herself to be a badass again and not the pathetic coward of Another M. Metroid Dread gives me every reason to think they are. okay, but you never know because, not for the first time, it’s clear that Nintendo thinks about its games very differently than most of the people who play them.

long lost brother
Bro, are we really going to pretend that Sonic The Hedgehog 4 doesn’t exist? I feel like Sonic 4 will be the forgotten game in the series bro, I want to see it in the Sonic compilation.

Was the game really bad or just average? I never got a chance to play it, bro. Maybe just maybe, bro, Sonic 4 would feel better today. The best fourth series games have to go to Super Mario World, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Call Of Duty 4.
matt riddle

CG: Why do you keep saying the word brother like that? And yes, Sonic 4 was pretty bad. It was also not a Mega Drive game, unlike the other Sonic Origins titles.

developer system
I’m going to go against the grain a bit here and say that the Game Boy Advance is one of my least favorite handheld consoles. It has the least amount of classic games in my opinion and the original wasn’t backlit so it didn’t even become practical until the SP clamshell edition. For me, though, the king of portables (and a much better clamshell design) is the Nintendo DS. In fact, it might be my favorite console of all time.

I think hands down it has a much wider range of exclusive games than GBA and the import scene was crazy. Not only were there a lot of great Japanese-only games, but they were also really cheap and easy to get your hands on. From Ouendan to Jump Super Stars to Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, I loved the sense of discovery and invention.

The DS had pretty bad graphics even for the time, but all good developers learned to work around it and even use it to their advantage, in terms of having to create unique gameplay. It’s true that very few of the games made much use of the touch screen, but I’m not going to hold that against you.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Phoenix Wright, Rhythm Paradise, Ghost Trick, Contra 4, Professor Layton, Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes, Castlevania and Soul Bubbles… I could go on talking about classic games all day and go on forget a lot of them.

It’s a shame that the system itself is difficult to emulate, and modern gamers are probably less understanding of the poor graphics, but for me it’s still a very pleasant memory.

Inbox also ran
Postal 2 and Postal: Classic And Uncut are free on GOG currently.
Andrew J.

I have noticed that Americans don’t seem to distinguish between tortoises and tortoises and use the tortoise world to describe both. Does that mean that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are actually turtles? My mind will be blown if the answer is yes.

CG: We do not know the answer to this important question.

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Inspired by the success of the second Sonic The Hedgehog movie, what new adaptations do you hope to see in the future? Do you have any faith that they will be better than normal for video game movies? Why do you think your idea would work and do you have a cast or director in mind?

Do you think Sonic 2 will end up inspiring a new wave of video game movies and how do you think announced but not yet seen movies like the new Super Mario and Metal Gear will turn out?

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