7 games to play if you like Ghostwire: Tokyo

7 games to play if you like Ghostwire: Tokyo

While it may have flown under the radar due to all the Elden Ring hype, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a title that deserves your attention. Especially if you like your open world first person shooters to have a touch of survival horror in them. It’s creepy but not so scary that you’ll be too afraid to look at the screen for fear of being spooked, and you get an arsenal of supernatural powers that you shoot from your fingers at slender, headless schoolgirls wielding umbrellas. -mens. What more could you want?

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The only problem is that after you’ve saved Tokyo from the various ghostly wires that plague it, you might find yourself looking for something that can scratch a similar gaming itch. Lucky for you, there are plenty of games out there that can fill that Ghostwire-sized hole in your heart.

7 Control

Control Courtney Hope as Jesse Faden in promotional art.

Control is a very strange game. You play as a red-haired woman who stumbles upon a secret government agency dealing with supernatural events caused by objects that are tainted with otherworldly powers. Somehow, through a rather confusing turn of events, she becomes the new head of this agency and is given a magical weapon that can apparently transform into different types of weapons. She then gains various superpowers and is tasked with taking down a kind of ethereal menace called The Hiss that possesses people and turns them into mindless soldiers. Oh, and she can also telepathically communicate with an interdimensional being she met when she and her brother, who was taken from her by this very agency, were playing with a cursed movie projector.

I told you it was weird.

While the kind of creepy Control deals with is quite different from Ghostwire, it can be surprisingly unnerving at times. At times it almost feels like an action game developed by David Lynch. However, the gameplay is a lot of fun and the powers you get feel fantastic for crushing enemies. So if you want something that’s full of weird horror and makes you feel like a superhero, Control is a safe bet.


6 dishonor

Screenshot from 1900s Games Dishonored Stealth

People don’t talk enough about the Dishonored series these days. Both games are first-person shooters about a man, or potentially a woman in the sequel, trying to rescue someone with their new magical powers given to them by a strange entity (seems to be a common theme with most games in this ready, huh?) You can shoot with your superpowers or use stealth to silently take on enemies that get in your way.

There’s a spooky feel to each world, though Dishonored has more of a steampunk body horror vibe rather than the ghosts and ghouls of Ghostwire. In terms of gameplay and feel of the world, Dishonored is a great game option to tackle after you’re done taking out all the headless spirits roaming around Tokyo.

5 deadly loop


And hey, once you’re done with Dishonored, why not play the newest game from its developer, Arkane Studios? The good people who work there seem to have a knack for building worlds that are absolutely bizarre and unique. Deathloop isn’t exactly scary, but it’s another title where the protagonist is thrown into a bad situation that requires him to quickly learn how to use strange new powers to survive against packs of masked weirdos. It’s safe to assume that if you like Ghostwire: Tokyo and Dishonored, then you’ll probably have fun with Deathloop as well.

Also, it has swear words and time travel. Both things are great!

4 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard/Resident Evil: Village

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

Let’s put the two Resident Evil focused on Ethan Winters on this list. These games were a dramatic departure point for the Resident Evil series. They changed his camera from a third-person perspective to a first-person view, which substantially dialed down the horror aspect. Having a character you’re controlling from afar get attacked by zombies is one thing, but having that zombie, or a giant bug, werewolf or whatever, come up to you and look you in the face is always scarier.

Most of the games in the Resident Evil franchise would be worth making this list, especially the Resident Evil 2 remake, which is fantastic, but these two feel closer to Ghostwire when it comes to gameplay. They also fit this list thematically, as both Biohazard and Village tell stories about someone close to you who was kidnapped by strange monsters. Biohazard is definitely the scariest game, while Village becomes more of an action-horror experience as it progresses (with the exception of one notable and scary section around the midpoint).

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3 Yakuza

yakuza 3 kick

To be fair, Yakuza games don’t really have much horror or creepiness (unless you’ve played the zombie spinoff Yakuza: Dead Souls, which you probably haven’t). But, if you just want to walk around Japan without fear of being bothered by evil spirits, then this is the series for you.

The Yakuza series normally takes place in the fictional city of Kamurochō. Although it is not a real city, it will certainly make you feel like you are walking through an authentic Japanese place. There are plenty of things to do, like visiting arcades, karaoke bars, etc. Or you could run a cabaret club. Or do some voice acting. Or go go-kart racing. And that’s about it aside from being a member of the infamous Yakuza, which is a job that involves a lot of fistfights. There are several games in this franchise, so you will be entertained for quite some time.

two bioshock

bioshock 2 shotgun

If you want to talk about games that immerse you in a horrible setting and then imbue you with strange superpowers, you have to talk about the Bioshock series. While these titles were apparently inspired by System Shock, it seems that without them we wouldn’t have had games like Ghostwire: Tokyo.

By this point, you’ve probably heard of Bioshock and its sequels and know what it’s all about. You are sent to an underwater city, or a city in the sky in Bioshock: Infinite, which has turned into a complete hell filled with disorderly people armed with ancient weapons and strange abilities that have warped their bodies and minds. By consuming various tonics, you also gain special abilities like shooting fire or swarming bees from your hands. Needless to say, if you enjoyed getting new things to shoot out of your hands in Ghostwire and haven’t touched any of the Bioshock games, you should correct that mistake as they’re all excellent (yes, that includes even Bioshock 2, which undeservedly has a bad reputation).

one the evil within 2

evil within 2 chambers

Tango Gameworks obviously has a knack for creating action-horror games with absurd premises, as prior to developing Ghostwire: Tokyo, they created both The Evil Within titles. The series revolves around a police officer named Sebastián Castellanos, which is a pretty cool name, who somehow keeps getting strapped into a device that sends his consciousness into a simulated world.

The first Evil Within game is a decent survival horror adventure that feels a bit like Resident Evil with a dash of the Saw movies. However, The Evil Within 2 is a much better game that features a more open environment filled with more side activities for you to discover. It’s not as linear as its predecessor and the gameplay feels dramatically improved. It almost feels like the prototype of what Ghostwire: Tokyo would be. It still has a scary atmosphere, but it’s more action-packed and fun. If you like shooting twisted demons in the face, you should go back to the previous Tango game and see where a lot of the Ghostwire pieces fit together.

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