Where to find thermal weapons

Where to find thermal weapons

Joining the likes of Moon Knight, Black Widow, and Spider-Man, the Prowler can now be earned by Fortnite players who own the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. Getting his skin in-game requires more than leveling up, though, as this week’s new challenges have appeared that players need to complete to gain access to his full range of equipment.

to win the Fortnite Marauder and his built-in Emote, players must complete all of his challenges which can be accessed through the Missions tab in the Map menu. A quest reward is his free “Mark of the Prowler” weapon skin, which is obtained by headshotting three opponents with a thermal weapon; this guide will walk players through the mission, showing them where to find a thermal weapon to get the single wrapper.


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Where to find a thermal weapon

There is currently only one type of thermal weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 – assault rifle with thermal sight. A weapon of blue rarity and higher, players are more likely to find them in chests, fishing spots, and sometimes as floor loot. This prized weapon can be quite difficult to get your hands on, although there is a guaranteed drop on the map.


Huntmaster Saber is a boss that can be found in different places on the island.. As a member of the Imagined Order, she helps lead the fight against the Seven and travels wherever that fight is.

This week, the Battle for Coney Crossroads is underway, which means it can be found in the middle section of IO Airship there. As the season progresses and the battle progresses, it will likely move. However the The blimp is packed with IO guardsand defeating Saber is no easy task.

Players must prioritize landing on the airship first, grabbing weapons, protecting themselves, and dealing with any annoying players before facing the boss. Focus on killing the weaker IO Guards, clearing the blimp, and grabbing the unvaulted Jetpack. Head to the lower levels to aggro Saber and start shredding to your health: if you’re playing in a group, have squadmates help you out if they can.

Saber can teleport around the aircraft, so players should try take it to the main floor of the airship as this offers the widest space to fight him. The key to taking him down is to keep your distance; Although somewhat inaccurate like most bots, his mythical weapon can deal some serious damage. Besides, has a short range spin attack, which pulls players in and deals 40 damage. Have a jetpack comes in handysince the main area offers players plenty of room to fly and do some distance before Saber can teleport again.


Beyond this, Make sure you have enough ammo to kill him.. There are a few ammo boxes and chests on board the blimp for players to loot, but don’t be afraid to run away if the fight is too much. Saber cannot regenerate her health or shieldso players can always come back to finish him off.

when he dies, grab the mythical thermal rifle from his corpse and start aiming for heads. Fortunately, Loopers don’t need to shoot real players in the head for the challenge of popping – banging the heads of io bots in Airships or in Battle Sites will suffice.

Players who lack bots and play in squads can also aim at the heads of fallen players, They make goals much easier. After getting three headshots done, he checks the Missions tab and one of the Prowler challenges should be complete.

Fortnite It is currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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