What we know so far about Minecraft Warden

What we know so far about Minecraft Warden

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We’ve been getting to know The Warden since his release in the most recent Minecraft snapshots. If you want to know more about this terrifying new creature, where it can be found and how to avoid its deadly attack, we have everything you need to know here.

The Warden is the newest hostile mob to enter Minecraft. Their health is higher than any other Minecraft mob, so players who find the Ender Dragon and Wither too easy to take down now have something else to defend against. However, unlike those two existing mobs, The Warden doesn’t drop any loot and is nearly impossible to kill, so players need a completely different game when venturing into the Deep Dark.

The Minecraft Guardian in Ancient City

What is The Warden in Minecraft?

The Warden is a large blue-green mob, originally announced as part of the Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update during Minecraft Live in 2020. However, the development of the new mob took longer than expected, and the Mojang team wanted to deliver the best Warden possible. so the monster was delayed until the Wild update, announced during the next Minecraft Live in 2021.

This devastating mob is a first in Minecraft, in many ways. Warden is the only blind mob that uses hearing and smell to hunt players, and is also the first mob that doesn’t drop any items when killed. The Guardian also only drops 5 Exp Orbs if killed, so it’s really not worth the hassle. Instead, The Warden was introduced to make exploration of the Deep Dark more challenging. In particular, The Warden’s home, the Old City, which is full of valuable loot for the player to find and keep, should they survive.

The Guardian Sculk Sensors Minecraft
The Guardian surrounded by activated Sculk Sensors

Where and how does The Warden appear?

The Warden will only appear underground in the Deep Dark biome, the new underground-only biome where Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shriekers spawn naturally. More than one Guardian can spawn at a time, as long as they are not within 48 blocks of an existing Guardian.

The spawn criteria for The Warden are different than any other mob in Minecraft. To activate a Warden spawn, players need to activate a Sculk Shrieker three times. Each time the Sculk Shrieker is activated, the player’s “Warning” level will increase by 1, and when it reaches 3, a Warden will burrow out of the ground within an 11x13x11 block radius of the last activated Sculk Shrieker.

Minecraft Deep Dark Sculk Shriekers
Sculk, Sculk Vein, Sculk Blocks, Sculk Shriekers, and a Sculk Sensor

A Sculk Shrieker placed by a player in Survival mode will not trigger a Warden spawn, as the “can_summon” tag is automatically set to false. Therefore, players will only be able to encounter a Warden near naturally spawned Sculk Shriekers in Deep Dark.

The unique behavior of the Guardian

When The Warden appears, he will try to locate the player or other mobs by sound and smell. He can determine nearby vibrations, including a player’s footsteps, and will head in any direction of movement he deems “suspicious”. The more movement a Guardian detects, the more aggressive it becomes, which the player will be able to feel from a fast heartbeat in the game.

To make matters worse, Guardians can move faster than the player when angered and can’t be slowed down by water, lava, rails, or other similar obstacles, so running away isn’t really an option.

When a Guardian approaches a location where they have detected movement, you may notice that they smell the air. The Guardian’s keen sense of smell means that even standing still, a nearby irritated Guardian can sense a player up to 20 blocks away. If the Guardian reaches a high enough agitation level, he will roar, indicating an alert state, and will be able to find his way to the player regardless of movement and vibrations. If, then, the player and the Warden collide, or the player attempts to attack the Warden first, he will use his melee attack, capable of killing a player in full unenchanted Netherite armor with just one hit on Hard mode.

minecraft sonic ranged attack guardian
image credit minecraft.es

ranged attack

Following snapshot 22w15a, The Warden also received a ranged attack, making evading the terrifying crowd even more difficult. If The Warden chases a player hiding behind a wall or on high ground, he will launch the attack from a distance, visible as an expulsion of blue-green particles from his chest. At the moment, Mojang hasn’t revealed how far this ranged attack can reach, but we’ll update as soon as we know. However, what we do know is that the attack deals the same amount of damage as the melee attack, so avoid it at all costs!

When does The Warden disappear?

After 60 seconds of being quiet, in other words unable to feel any trigger vibrations, the Guardian will burrow back underground and disappear. While we don’t recommend attacking The Warden anyway, it’s worth noting that the mob is completely invulnerable during dig and emergency, so don’t think you can catch him off guard. The sounds of The Warden burrowing and emerging are unique, so you’ll know when this is happening, even if the monster isn’t in your line of sight.

Popup Minecraft Guardian
The Minecraft Guardian emerging from the ground

Our tips for avoiding the Minecraft Guardian

Distraction and stealth are key to evading The Warden’s attack. First of all, we suggest you make sure you have some shells on hand. Fortunately, snowballs spawn in Ancient City loot chests for this very reason, so you should be able to collect some carefully. Then, if you activate a Guardian (which we assume you will, at least during your first few times in the Wild Update, if only to see it in action), send it in the wrong direction with a few carefully aimed snowballs.

From there, sneaking prevents you from making vibrations as you move, so you can quietly back away from The Warden while he’s looking away, hopefully far enough away that he can’t sniff you out. You will also find that the structures of the Old City are lined with woolen blocks and rugs, which also muffle the sound of your footsteps, try to stay on the woolen paths whenever possible.

If you don’t go out of your way to annoy The Warden, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid him long enough for him to burrow underground again and let you loot in peace. You can then prevent him from triggering his apparition again by sneaking near the Sculk sensors.

That’s all we have on The Warden so far. If you want to know about the other terrifying additions to The Wild Update, why not check out our Ancient Cities guide? You can also learn more about the new Music Disc, exclusive to Ancient City loot chests, in our article on Snapshot 22w16a.

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