Top 10 Expansions Like Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Top 10 Expansions Like Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Popular Destination The series is back with more galactic adventures into the horrible unknown as the witch queen DLC has finally arrived. With a new raid, weapons, captivating story, and enemies to face, fans are sure to dive back in with open arms.

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But after they’ve completed the short campaign, the adrenaline withdrawal will make them yearn for similar journeys. From the supernatural to the deepest reaches of space, fans can find experiences comparable to the witch queen if they’re willing to chart a course into some of the more cutthroat genres.


Destination: The Dark Below

Destiny - The Dark Below

The obvious place to start is at the beginning. This is the DLC that started it all, introducing more depth to The Hive and Eris Morn, who can be seen in the witch queen trailer. It has exactly what new fans of the game could want, including a raid, strikes, and background on the current arc.

It sets up the plot of Oryx, brother to the witch herself, as the Guardians go through a grueling platformer shootout to take down the future god. The gunfights still hold up years later, as Bungie’s intergalactic FPS shows why it’s one of the best in the game.

Resident Evil 7: Not a hero

Chris Redfield in disbelief in Resident Evil VII.

If one seeks some horror with his action, resident Evil has been cornering the survival horror market for about three decades. Capcom surprised fans by changing the series’ traditional view from third-person to first-person in its seventh return to survival horror.

For those looking for fanfare in SR:7, Chris Redfield returns in this DLC for some good old-fashioned over-the-top combat. Adding some levity to the harrowing experience of the main campaign, not a hero it gave fans the chance to fight some grotesque creatures that would cause even the hive to back down.

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on the Dragon Keep

Tiny Tina - Borderlands 2

some fans of borderlands series consider this DLC to be the best story in the entire series, including the main campaign. The gunplay is tight and the banter is even tighter, making this DLC a pivotal force in the scavenger and looter genre.

Very similar Destination, this entry has billions of weapons to choose from, with more mods to collect and sort through. It could potentially take one hours to customize your ultimate setup. But with medieval folklore and interplanetary travel, this is sure to scratch the itch for interstellar witch hunters.

Red Dead Redemption: Nightmare of the Walking Dead

Red Dead Redemption 2 Undead Nightmare Teased Zombie

Another dip in the zombie genre, but this time to the west, nightmare of the walking dead it gave Western fans an alternate timeline of the main game’s events. Chills and thrills lurk as John Marston rides out to find a cure for his undead family.

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Adding horde modes and changing the way combat plays out was an interesting twist. nightmare of the walking dead it changes its cover-based mechanic to a run-and-scare-gun fest. In addition to this, it added new enemies with different abilities that challenged players to keep their shooting skills sharp. Not to mention, he added other weird elements like Sasquatch and the four horses of the Apocalypse as mounts.

Fallout 3: Observation Point

Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC

Exploration can add a spooky element when one is isolated. Whether in the dark of the moon or in the vast swamps of Point Lookout. Fallout 3 The penultimate DLC took players to a terrifying state park with a cadre of fiery creatures.

Continuing with the scream queens theme, point lookout sent players screaming for cover as The Swamplurk Queens began spitting acid from long range. This and other new challenges were introduced, making the DLC one of the most difficult to conquer in the game. Along with radiation and other terrifying obstacles, it’s best to take this spooky aquatic affair with patience to survive the long foggy night.

Prey: Lunar Shock

A poster for the video game Prey

Taking the groundhog day Getting closer, Prey: Lunar Shock provided players with a wild moon simulation takeover as well as a preview of things to come deadly loop. The DLC was based on the incredible physics engine of Dammaking the roguelike even more hectic at every turn.

The random elements of the world, the lunar gravity, and the five ways to escape from the moon base set up an interesting dynamic as the player takes on the role of Peter, a hacker. As he tries to figure out how the five survivors escaped, he lives vicariously through his decisions that the player establishes through the simulation. New creatures like the moon shark add another element of fear as the ground is unsafe, while mimics disguise themselves as ordinary objects and nests of tentacles attack from above.

Mass Effect: Leviathan

It was the DLC that changed the scope of mass effect as the fanbase knew. Meeting the Leviathan rewrote the history of what players knew about the reapers and provided background on their origin. Upon entering the depths, indoctrination was found to be a natural ability of this species, which was later co-opted into their machine known as “The Intelligence”.

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These factors make it a great DLC to explore if players want to fight a hive of monsters in an isolated area of ​​despair. The torrential downpour provides a spooky atmosphere as things get tense, providing an equally cool shootout for the witch queen Moon. While some entries on this list are advanced exploration, this one focuses on telling a story with its gunplay, making it essential for RPG lovers.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Baba Yaga

Rise of the Tomb Raider Baba Yaga

Platforming has been an element that has been a part of shooting games for a while, but tomb Raider has an important role in influencing that decision. So when the series was restarted in the wake of from Uncharted success, people responded brilliantly again. its sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider was no different, bringing home praise for its rich history.

When the Baba Yaga Downloadable content released, fans enjoyed an amazing gaming experience as they battled against visions of the Slavic folk tale. Puzzles can be a fun part of Destination experience, and this DLC delivers on that aspect in full. So, by combining these platforming, puzzle, and mind-bending elements, the game becomes a wild and twisted performance that will test players’ hand-eye coordination as they jump over obstacles, dodge beams of witches, and assess the right path to follow. .

Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt

Illustrations for Dragon Age Witch Hunt

For those looking for a thematic similarity without the rush of gunfire, the Witch hunt downloadable content of Dragon Age: Origins it’s a good start. Rather than lock and load, this game is aimed at those who prefer inventory and battle management. The pace may be slower, but those looking for a challenge can easily find it on the game’s Nightmare difficulty.

Creatures of the deep await players as they chase after their friend, or even possibly their romantic partner. The adventure is paved with fear, gallons of blood, and all the answers to the questions players have been asking about the Morrigan. For those looking for abominations and body horror, look no further.

Doom Eternal: The Old Gods

Doom Eternal The Old Gods

Split into two parts, this extreme offering pushes players to the limit, providing one of the most difficult DLCs out there. The driving metal score intensifies players’ heartbeats, sending them through an obstacle course only hell could provide. This game has all the elements that the other entries on this list offer: laser-focus platforming, energetic combat, puzzling story, waves of fierce enemies, and a brain teaser to juggle them all at once.

Doom Eternal: The Old Gods is the perfect follow-up or warm-up to start witch queen of fate DLC. Give players the shooting skills they’ll need to conquer the hive together in a raid or alone in a free run. Its horror is subtle yet creepy, and its thunderous galactic atmosphere is a great companion piece to witch queen desolate moon.

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